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Thinking Portfolio – Easy to use, fast to implement

Thinking Portfolio is a simple, yet powerful, solution for those who want to move from spreadsheets to a professional project portfolio management tool, but don’t want to spend years in implementation. In addition to project portfolios, our SaaS based platform is used for idea management, IT application and service portfolio management.

Thinking Portfolio is available for a fixed monthly fee for unlimited users.

Thinking Portfolio Main Views

Directory View

The Project Directory, an overview of the Project Portfolio, shows the projects, for whose applications the user has viewing or editing rights. Color-coded fields indicate at a glance, for example, if a project’s time schedule is late or its budget has been exceeded.

Time View

The Time View is a project directory that displays the applicable projects’ time schedules as a line graph on separate lines.The project’s stages and decision points are clearly indicated.

MyDashboard View

MyDashboard introduces a personalised view for the most important reports. It allows to generate reports for different needs. For example, the project manager could create a specified view for the control group and project team.

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Our Customers

Our clients include large international corporations, middle-sized enterprises, and public sector organizations. Our products have over 100 000 users in 50 countries.


Fazer blue refined with Thinking Portfolio


Fazer Confectionery manages its projects with the Thinking Portfolio project portfolio. Focus, as the portfolio is called at Fazer, manages consumer product, raw material, product development and product decommissioning projects. Thinking Portfolio is the perfect [...]

Keva would choose Thinking Portfolio again


Thinking Portfolio combines projects, applications and resources. Keva’s persistent need to have an overview of its project portfolio was fulfilled with the implementation of Thinking Portfolio. In addition to its transparency, Thinking Portfolio provided the necessary view of resource needs, allowing Keva to adopt a systematic approach to resource planning. 

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At the Turku University, TEPPO informs and clarifies processes 


At the Turku University of Applied Sciences, Thinking Portfolio, affectionately known as TEPPO, is used for project planning, portfolio management, resource allocation and working-time monitoring. With the previous system coming to an end, it was time for [...]

Latest Updates

Thinking Portfolio – Application Portfolio White Paper 2018


An updated edition of the Thinking Portfolio Application Portfolio White Paper has been released!

Download Updated Thinking Portfolio Case Studies E-book


We’ve published  an updated edition of the Customer Case Stories E-book. It gives an overview on how our customers have benefitted from our portfolio management tool. Our clients include large international corporations, middle-sized enterprises, and public sector organizations. Our products have over 60 000 users in 50 countries.

How Social Data and Crowdfunding Support Innovation Management


In an age where creativity and innovation form the core of every business, social data and crowdfunding are two aspects of utmost importance. But, what is social data? What is crowdfunding?

How AI supports Project Steering Group


The project steering committee is main governing body within an enterprise that looks after the proposal and execution of projects. They ensure that the proper deliverables are met and the project is in line with key company goals. This includes approval of budget, defining standards and goals, devising project strategy, risk assessment, quality checks and adherence to time-line. The project steering committee is the body to which a project managers report to. The project manager attends meetings and informs the committee regarding the status of the project along with addressing doubts and concerns.

What Project Manager should Learn from Robots


With the rapid progress in AI, robotics and automation technologies, most jibs are being replaced by automated systems and robots. Be it a white collar job or a blue collar one, both are affected by the rise in automated technologies and machine learning. Growth in machine learning capabilities has allowed machines to become more independent by allowing them to react to real-time changes without being pre-programmed for such tasks. Also it doesn’t take long for them to analyze extremely large data sets and generate accurate reports. This has resulted in the disruption of current industrial practices.

7 Effective Project Change Management Tips


Project managers have to keep themselves ready at all times when it comes to managing a project. Right from the start when the plans are still being drawn up to the end of a project, changes are inevitable and occur over the course of the project lifecycle. The key is to work out how best to accommodate and adapt to these changes.

How to add Artificial Intelligence into Project Resource Management? 


For the execution of any project, organizations require resources such as people, material, equipment, time, knowledge and skill. But these come at a cost and so no firm has unlimited access to a range of resources. For maximizing profits, it is therefore important to share the available resources judiciously among projects such that all project deadlines are met while quality output is generated. That is why resource management is a critical aspect of any project, especially for efficient financial operations. 

7 Signals When to Terminate The Project


Planning for a project requires a lot of decisions to be made on intuition and experience. There are times when shortcomings in the planning phase lead to disruption during execution. There are times when targets of the project are not met. No matter how unfortunate it might seem, when one notices early signs of failure one should terminate the project immediately to prevent further loss of time and resources.

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