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7 Signals When to Terminate The Project

6.2.2018|0 Comments

Planning for a project requires a lot of decisions to be made on intuition and experience. There are times when shortcomings in the planning phase lead to disruption during execution. There are times when targets of the project are not met. No matter how unfortunate it might seem, when one notices early signs of failure one should terminate the project immediately to prevent further loss of time and resources.

7 Best Elements Of Good Communication Culture

29.1.2018|0 Comments

Communication plays an important role in maintaining a good workplace culture. Effective and consistent communication is the key to creating an amiable atmosphere at an organization. Workplace culture starts at the top rung of the corporate ladder. It is up to the top level executives to establish smooth and efficient communication. Efficient communication is not established in a day. It is something that takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

  • 7 Charismatic PMO Leader Habits

7 Charismatic PMO Leader Habits

17.1.2018|0 Comments

One of the most vital qualities of leadership is to be able to inspire others by achieving goals through extraordinary performance. At the end of a project, your team should feel motivated to perform at exceptional levels, matching your passion and enthusiasm. Here are seven habits that make a PMO leader charismatic and inspirational.

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6 Characteristics of an Effective Project Management Officer

8.1.2018|0 Comments

Project management officers are vital to any business as they can take important decisions that lead to great ideas. While good PMOs are hard to find, great ones are even rarer. However, all good PMOs share certain traits and characteristics that make them an effective and valuable part of the team. Here are six of the best traits you should cultivate to become an effective and profitable project management officer in your organization.

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Good Project Portfolio Reporting and Resource Management

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Date and Time Fri, Mar 23, 2018 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EET Flexible Portfolio Views MyDashboard reports OnePage reports New Portfolio Pivot reports New Portfolio level Resource Management and Personal Level Planning Portfolio Prioritization repors Shared portfolio filters Dependency Maps [...]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!

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Wishing all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!

BRT Helsinki 15.9.2017 – Case Tamro: Towards proactive Portfolio Management

30.6.2017|0 Comments

Do your projects run late from original schedule? Sounds pretty familiar? Tamro chose Thinking Portfolio’s platform for a technical solution. Software has provided benefits we expected and we are already monitoring Portfolio for next 6-8 months onwards and solving issues before they become problems.

Kemira visualises project and resource planning using the Thinking Portfolio project portfolio

With the establishing of the new project template, Kemira’s IT and Operational Excellence Department made the joint decision that it was time to commission a tool to manage the project portfolio that would replace the Excel files and separate resource management application previously used.

Intensive use of XAMK’s Thinking Portfolio project portfolio of equal interest to its partners

At the South-East Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk), all R&D&I activities are managed using the Thinking Portfolio project portfolio referred to as HanSa. HanSa has a key role as a tool for managing R&D&I operations.

Lemminkäinen forms the foundations of its project using Thinking Portfolio

The implementation of Lemminkäinen’s Thinking Portfolio was conducted at the end of the year when the application was used for monitoring and prioritising internal development projects for business operations and support functions. The previous version of the application was in use earlier on, but back then there was no great need for a project portfolio that continued to be in active use.

Thinking Portfolio – Easy to use, fast to implement

Thinking Portfolio is a simple, yet powerful, solution for those who want to move from spreadsheets to a professional project portfolio management tool, but don’t want to spend years in implementation. In addition to project portfolios, our SaaS based platform is used for idea management, IT application and service portfolio management.
Thinking Portfolio is available for a fixed monthly fee for unlimited users.

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