Thinking Portfolio – Easy to use, fast to implement

Thinking Portfolio is a simple, yet powerful, solution for those who want to move from spreadsheets to a professional project portfolio management tool, but don’t want to spend years in implementation. In addition to project portfolios, our SaaS based platform is used for idea management, IT application and service portfolio management.

Thinking Portfolio is available for a fixed monthly fee for unlimited users.

Thinking Portfolio Main Views

Directory View

The Project Directory, an overview of the Project Portfolio, shows the projects, for whose applications the user has viewing or editing rights. Color-coded fields indicate at a glance, for example, if a project’s time schedule is late or its budget has been exceeded.

Time View

The Time View is a project directory that displays the applicable projects’ time schedules as a line graph on separate lines.The project’s stages and decision points are clearly indicated.

MyDashboard View

MyDashboard introduces a personalised view for the most important reports. It allows to generate reports for different needs. For example, the project manager could create a specified view for the control group and project team.

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Our Customers

Our clients include large international corporations, middle-sized enterprises, and public sector organizations. Our products have over 100 000 users in 50 countries.


Thinking Portfolio’s first opera performance


The Finnish National Opera and Ballet (SKOB) is procuring Thinking Portfolio's project portfolio in order to provide better visibility of current projects for the staff and make managing the project portfolio easier.

Thinking Portfolio and Elo


When Elo began searching the markets for a suitable project portfolio solution, the goal was to improve reporting and transparency. Elo was looking for better transparency in development work, and a tool that would make resource planning easier and resources more visible. Thinking Portfolio has enabled Elo to plan and allocate resources more comprehensively – providing transparency on allocated development resources while exposing any resourcing bottlenecks.

Thinking Portfolio has reduced workloads at the National Land Survey of Finland


Administrative documentation was previously handled with Office tools. This meant a significant amount of copying and entering identical content on several documents. NLS has been particularly satisfied with the clarity of Thinking Portfolio, in which the content comes from one source regardless of its end use. Furthermore, less work means fewer errors.

Latest Updates

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While Kanban today is a complicated system of elaborate protocols and operational standards, back in the days in Japan, it had humble origins of sticking cards containing information on various part trays, trolleys, and inventory assets. The cards represent the demand or the lack of it based on which processes and inventory will be managed downstream. Kanban boards are the philosophy of Kanban boiled down to management structures and dashboards. It is simply a board that is used to establish proper Kanban practices at work. 

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