7 Charismatic PMO Leader Habits

One of the most vital qualities of leadership is to be able to inspire others by achieving goals through extraordinary performance. At the end of a project, your team should feel motivated to perform at exceptional levels, matching your passion and enthusiasm.

Here are seven habits that make a PMO leader charismatic and inspirational:

1. They work by creating a respectful environment

A charismatic PMO leader will work hard and develop a deep impact on the hearts and minds of his/her superiors and co-workers. This will not only create a positive perception and respect for the PMO leader but will also help in getting the support and participation of the team members to get the work done.

2. They are adaptively persistent

All projects are inevitable faced with problems. Hence it is critical for a PMO leader to adapt. A charismatic PMO leader is aware of what he/she needs to do in all situations. Such leaders take quick action whenever needed and direct the team towards success.

3. They always exude confidence

It goes without saying that a charismatic PMO leader will exude confidence. Several studies show that when a person acts confidently, it is natural for others to give greater weight to whatever they are saying. In fact, even when a PMO leader is not feeling very confident, his body language never gives it away.

4. They tend to radiate warmth

Have you noticed how a charismatic person is often identified as approachable and warm? Well, there is definitely some truth to this. Research shows that when individuals are perceived as warm, there is a higher chance of them being trusted by others. In fact, people usually embrace the ideas of a charismatic leader pretty quickly and without too much doubt. A warm leader will make frequent eye contact and may not hesitate to flash a smile when talking to his/her colleagues.

5. They are purposeful

When PMO leaders establish clear goals, it shows strength of purpose and determination. And of course, when these goals are supported by unwavering self-confidence, you are bound to get a charismatic personality. Such leaders showcase excitement and enthusiasm for everything that they do and are absolutely dedicated to achieving valuable goals. There is a sense of magnetism around such focused personalities.

6. They practice self-disclosure

You may find yourself drawn towards communicating with a charismatic leader? Why does this happen? The reason is quite simple-charismatic leaders often bring up insightful questions. They guide people to share meaningful things, not just about work, but also about themselves. According to Harvard researchers, sharing personal information has a deep impact on our brain, especially those parts associated with pleasure and reward. And of course, charismatic leaders practice self-disclosure themselves.

7. They work creatively

A charismatic leader will always push his/her limits to think creatively. That is why they are often the drivers of innovation in a project. In case of problems, these leaders look beyond the difficulties and limitations. They love challenges as it is an opportunity for them to think of creative solutions.

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