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  • How Project Planning Benefit from Virtual Reality

How Project Planning Benefit from Virtual Reality

13.11.2017|0 Comments

Virtual reality is no longer limited to the gaming industry. It has found its application in several other verticals including manufacturing, construction, social networking and education and training. There has been a significant increase in ‘remote work’ in the last few years. Several companies have globalized workforces and spend over [...]

When You Should Cancel a Failing Project

6.11.2017|0 Comments

There are times when a manager can achieve the most by bailing out of a project. This does not mean quitting when the going happens to be a tad tougher. People who are productive rarely surrender sans a fight. There could be times, however, when the personnel hit a point [...]

10 Ways To Successfully Manage SAFe Projects

18.10.2017|0 Comments

In essence, SAFe or Scaled Agile Framework refers to the approach of developing an agile software framework based on integration of knowledge patterns for the purpose of scaling across an enterprise. Functioning on the principle of Lean-Agile Development, the SAFe framework is incorporated for providing guidance at team, program and [...]

7 Ways to Successfully Manage GDPR Requirement as part of Project Planning

11.10.2017|0 Comments

The latest EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is due to be implemented starting May 25th, 2018. It is among the most significant security initiatives to be developed in the last couple of years and has several implications for private as well as public sectors in the continent. The EU [...]

How Do You Ensure That Project Steering Group Understands Project Risks?

2.10.2017|0 Comments

Risk management is a critical aspect of project management that involves identifying, evaluating and mitigating any potential pitfalls associated with the task at hand. To put it in simpler words, project risk management is all about assessing what risks or hazards might come along during the process of achieving a [...]

7 Effective Success Bonus For Project Managers

25.9.2017|0 Comments

The motivational requirements of those working in project set-up are usually different from those working as independent professionals in an organization. But both project managers and team members like to be offered incentives for their work throughout a project. Some of the key factors that help develop suitable bonuses for [...]

How Successful Project Managers Handle Communication

18.9.2017|0 Comments

There is a difference between ‘good’ communication and ‘effective’ communication and it is critical for project managers to understand this difference. According to a recent industry report, the most vital factor driving project management success is effective communication with the team and stakeholders. Further, effective communication could result in greater success in projects thereby allowing companies to achieve higher standards of performance.

How To Run A Project Post-Evaluation Meeting

11.9.2017|0 Comments

It is critical for project managers to conduct project post-evaluation meetings with their teams. The agenda of such a meeting is focused on factors such as the results, performance and expenditure information available after completion of the project. Prior to conducting a project post-evaluation meeting, project managers must collect relevant [...]

10 Ways to Successfully Manage Agile Teams

28.8.2017|0 Comments

It is important for agile managers to study all aspects of team management- formation/structure, working, growth, reward systems, communication and so on. An agile manager isn’t a micromanager, but someone who leads the team intimately from the outside. Here are 10 useful ways in which a project manager can manage [...]

7 Key Communication Tactics for Project Managers

14.8.2017|0 Comments

What separates a good project manager from a brilliant project manager? The answer is quite simple: brilliant project managers don’t just have capabilities and technical knowledge, they are also quite adept with how to communicate with their teams at different levels.

7 Key KPIs for Effective Project Portfolio Management

9.8.2017|0 Comments

Keeping a track of KPIs or Key Performance Indicators is absolutely critical to project management and success. In the absence of a system that tracks KPIs, it is nearly impossible to assess the progress of a project towards the predetermined goals.

Critical Success Factor for Measuring Project Portfolio Management

31.7.2017|0 Comments

Project Portfolio Management facilitates measurement of the impact that project management has on cost, procurement, product quality and human resources at the level of the entire organization.

Benefits of Different Cultures in Project Management

24.7.2017|0 Comments

For success in project management in the present times, it is critical for project managers to bring their attention to multiculturalism. And what is multiculturalism? It could mean dealing with an internal team that has members from diverse cultures and ethnicities. Alternatively, it could also imply managing a cross-cultural team for a global project.

Positive Thinking in the Middle of a Project Crises

19.6.2017|0 Comments

It is true that several of the biggest achievers in the world, including artists, sportspersons, and entrepreneurs, would have been unable to achieve their dreams if they hadn't learned the art of staying positive in the midst of a crisis. Project managers would often find themselves in situations where the [...]

Project Risks vs. Business Risks

12.6.2017|0 Comments

A business organization has to manage both business risks and project risks. But there is a significant difference between the two. Let’s try and gain some insights into what distinguishes a business risk from project risk. Business Risks When you talk about risk in the context of business, it could [...]

Skills vs. Personality in Project Management

29.5.2017|0 Comments

In most industries, especially IT, technical skills are often considered to be the most important criteria for hiring. When recruiting managers, a lot of companies think that the candidate must meet a long list of important skills in order to be able to perform the job efficiently. In reality, this [...]

7 Criteria to Choose Project of the Year

24.5.2017|0 Comments

Effective project management needs finding a project which is a perfect match for the combined skillset of your team. The project must also match the team's competence level. If all these are done, then chances of success are much more increased. The project selection techniques provide seven time-tested techniques. All [...]

What Scrum Master Could Learn from Jazz Artists

15.5.2017|0 Comments

The Scrum Master is typically seen as a team coach and a kind of process owner in a project. Scrum masters work to create a balance between the key stakeholder demands in a project and guide the team to deliver the best performance possible. A scrum master’s responsibilities generally involve [...]

Project Portfolio Management Vs. Program Management

25.4.2017|0 Comments

There is more than a possibility that you use terms like program management and project portfolio management in your daily language. Both of these words are common everyday words and have simple meanings. However, in case of organizational management, a majority of people are unaware when to use such terms. [...]

How to Make a Good Application Testing Plan for Your Project?

10.4.2017|1 Comment

Application testing is a set of activities that every software developer undertakes through the use of scripts for finding errors and loopholes in the software. It is a detailed account outlining the test strategy, objectives, schedule, resources, estimation, and deliverables required for developing applications. An application testing plan is a [...]

Innovation Management vs Idea Management

6.4.2017|0 Comments

Management is crucial to an organization. Without proper management, any company will fall to pieces sooner or later. Management is constantly evolving. New techniques are being implemented in the process of managing to increase the productivity and make processes more efficient. Management in today’s age is very different from the [...]

6 Common Blind Spots in Project Portfolio Management

28.2.2017|0 Comments

All project managers and teams go through challenges in the execution of a project. Here are six common blind spots in project portfolio management that you can avoid: 1. Lack of clarity in defining success measures A common blind spot in the project portfolio management is vaguely-defined measures of success. By [...]

How to Solve Problems within a Project Before Escalating

20.2.2017|0 Comments

  Issue management can be defined as the process of recognizing and resolving various issues arising within a project. The life cycle of a project is never absolutely smooth. There are bound to be questions and unexpected problems that come up every now and then. However, if a good issue [...]

6 Secrets of a Good Innovation Process

12.2.2017|0 Comments

 An innovation process doesn’t necessarily require you to spend days sitting and brainstorming just to get a ‘big idea’. You can use several secret tools within your organization to make an innovation process intelligent and productive. 1. Link growth strategy to innovation Here’s how you can use innovation more strategically, connect [...]

  • How to Make a Good Post Evaluation Report

How to Make a Good Post Evaluation Report

6.2.2017|0 Comments

A post evaluation report typically documents the failures and successes of a project providing a detailed record of the estimated and actual schedule and budget. The post evaluation report may also collect other important metrics besides offering recommendations and remedial actions for other similar projects. What is a post evaluation [...]