Based System Registration Projects Ede helps with targeted development of the city

The municipality of Ede is a city with over 100 000 inhabitants. It is a city with a lively center where there is always something to do for young and old. The green quality of the National Park ‘Veluwe’ penetrates into the city. Ede strengthen its attractiveness by investing in culture, knowledge and in the City Centre. The contribution, creativity and energy of residents and businesses is of great importance. Ede chooses to give priority in the coming years to four developments. These are Food Valley, Knowledge Campus Ede, Veluwe Gate and lively center.

Why a Basic System Registration Projects?

To realize its ambitions Ede needs a comprehensive and clear overview of projects and portfolios in the field of information, a current understanding of the capacity and the project progress.
In line with the professionalization of the organization and corporate control over the business, there is an increasing need for central registration and easy accessibility of information so that the overhead costs on investments do down. Ede wants to make targeted choices for projects that contribute most to Food Valley Knowledge Campus Ede, Veluwe Gate and lively center.

To support the basic system Ede has chosen for a number of reasons for the software application Thinking Portfolio:
• Easy capture of basic information
• Support of the project management process and financial project frameworks
• Availability of dashboards and reports to support decision making on project and portfolio-level
• Proven and secure SaaS solution
• Quick and agile deployment
• Low administration
• Easy to use

What is the outcome for Ede?

• Support of the professionalization and corporate control over the business
• Better insight into project progress, costs, risks, capacity and contribution to the organization objectives
• Increased efficiency and better support objective decision in the portfolio process

Waarom PMO Institute

PMO Institute levert en implementeert de software applicatie Thinking Portfolio. De keuze voor PMO Institute is vanwege haar brede kennis op het gebied van project- en portfoliomanagement. De tool Thinking PMO is in korte tijd ingericht en bedrijfsklaar gemaakt. Samen met PMO Institute is in een aantal workshop sessies de requirements opgesteld. Ede heeft hierbij gekozen voor een lean-and-mean inrichting opdat de instap voor gebruik van de tool zo laagdrempelig mogelijk is. Gaandeweg voeren we aan de hand van gebruikservaringen aanpassingen door. De aanpassingen die tot nu toe zijn doorgevoerd werden snel opgepakt en opgeleverd.

Why PMO Institute

PMO Institute delivers and implements the software application Thinking Portfolio. The choice for PMO Institute is because of their extensive knowledge in the field of project and portfolio management. During a number of workshop sessions requriements were gathered by PMO Institute and the design was made. The tool Thinking PMO was configured in a short time and made ready to deploy, Ede wanted a lean-and-mean configuration to start with. On the basis of user experiences adjustments are made. Initial adjustments were made available quickly and implemented fast.


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