Do your projects run late from original schedule? Sounds pretty familiar?

Tamro has a large project portfolio and personnel is encouraged to take part into development activities. Roughly two years ago started the next phase in Portfolio management. All was renewed: processes, organization and tools. From the beginning the aim was to move towards a proactive Portfolio Management.

Tamro chose Thinking Portfolio’s platform for a technical solution. Software has provided benefits we expected and we are already monitoring Portfolio for next 6-8 months onwards and solving issues before they become problems.


Juho Remes
Head of Corporate Development Office
Tamro Corporation



Päivi Thuneberg
Specialist of Projects and Processes, Corporate Development Office
Tamro Corporation

Tamro Corporate Development Office (CDO) owns the process, practices and project models used in Tamro Corporation. CDO is responsible of Development Portfolio management and prioritization. Function arranges regularly project training and coaching of staff.



  • 8.15 Coffee and networking
  • 8.30 Case Tamro: Towards proactive Portfolio Management, Juho Remes and Päivi Thuneberg
  • 9.30 – 10.00 More coffee, discussions, networking

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