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Customer Case Studies

Our clients include large international corporations, middle-sized enterprises, and public sector organizations. Our products have over 100 000 users in 50 countries.

Savon Voima uses Thinking Portfolio as its management and communication tool

At Savon Voima, Thinking Portfolio operates as a development portfolio used to manage the company’s strategic programmes and the project contained within it, as well as various types of research and development projects. The development includes programmes such as: Carbon dioxide-free electricity generating systems, a weather-reliant electricity grid, giving definitive form to client relations , 100% self-sufficiency domesticity and zero accidents.

Kemira visualises project and resource planning using the Thinking Portfolio project portfolio

With the establishing of the new project template, Kemira’s IT and Operational Excellence Department made the joint decision that it was time to commission a tool to manage the project portfolio that would replace the Excel files and separate resource management application previously used.

Intensive use of XAMK’s Thinking Portfolio project portfolio of equal interest to its partners

At the South-East Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk), all R&D&I activities are managed using the Thinking Portfolio project portfolio referred to as HanSa. HanSa has a key role as a tool for managing R&D&I operations.

Lemminkäinen forms the foundations of its project using Thinking Portfolio

The implementation of Lemminkäinen’s Thinking Portfolio was conducted at the end of the year when the application was used for monitoring and prioritising internal development projects for business operations and support functions. The previous version of the application was in use earlier on, but back then there was no great need for a project portfolio that continued to be in active use.

Finnair opens up its route to Thinking Portfolio’s Project Portfolio

Finnair is an airline network specialised in flying between Europe and Asia along the shorter northern route. Finnair uses Thinking Portfolio’s Project Portfolio, which currently manages its IT projects. There are plans for Thinking Portfolio to become the go-to project management application for all types of projects including procurement, commercial investigation and projects to open new flight routes. The intention of the ongoing Roadshow is to communicate information about [...]

  • Rakennustieto

Rakennustieto (Building Information) gives recognition to the wisdom brought by Thinking Portfolio widgets

Rakennustieto promotes good building methods and produces reliable information for infrastructure, building construction, building technology and property management. Rakennustieto is an information house on full service and its products cover the life-cycle of construction from planning to maintenance. […]

Thinking Portfolio concretised the project portfolio processes of City of Tampere

Projects to be visualised and agility to the management of procedures Guided by the Group Management Unit, City of Tampere took Thinking Portfolio project portfolio application into use in November 2015. The implementation of the application was a follow-up to the development of a project management model started in 2014. The City of Tampere project portfolio deals with all projects relating to the development of services, operations and [...]

The clarity and functionality of Thinking Portfolio convinced Vaasan Oy

Vaasan Oy is a Finnish bakery company that operates also in the Baltic countries. We have been baking in Finland since 1849, which makes Vaasan Oy Finland’s second oldest bakery. Its most known brands are Vaasan Ruispalat, Vaasan Taika and Vaasan Isopaahto. Source: Vaasan Oy and Thinking Portfolio started the implementation project of the project portfolio in specification workshops in March 2015. The application started operations in June [...]

The life-cycle of a project became clearer at Trafi with Thinking Portfolio

Trafi develops the safety of the traffic system, promotes the environmental friendliness of traffic and is responsible for the official tasks relating to the traffic system. ( All projects are in the portfolio Since the beginning of 2016 Thinking Portfolio has been the tool for all project management at Trafi. The contents of Trafi's project include the development of customer services as well as the development of ICT [...]

In Varma a positive experience with Thinking Portfolio project portfolio influenced the selection of the application portfolio

Varma is a mutual employment pension insurance company, owned by its client companies and self-employed persons, insured employees and owners of the guarantee capital. Varma takes care of the statutory earnings-related pension cover of private sector employees and self-employed persons and currently covers around 862,000 people. ( Varma uses several dozens of applications. In November - December 2015 Varma began using Thinking Portfolio application portfolio to improve the [...]

Thinking Portfolio project portfolio makes environmental development projects easier in HSY (Helsinki Region Environmental Services)

  Helsinki Region Environmental Services, HSY, is a municipal federation which provides services in water supply and waste disposal as well as information on the metropolitan area and environment. HSY helps residents to act better on behalf of the environment. Small projects follow large projects HSY development projects are managed in the Thinking Portfolio project portfolio. The subjects and budgets of projects vary a lot and they are [...]

Thinking Portfolio gives aid together with Finnish Red Cross

The Finnish Red Cross is one of the largest civic organisations in Finland. The Red Cross is a humanitarian aid agency belonging to the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, which operates in 189 countries around the world. The task of the Red Cross is to help the people in weakest position during catastrophes and crisis in order to prevent and mitigate human suffering, as well as to [...]

Local Tapiola recommends wide-ranging capitalising on Thinking Portfolio

Local Tapiola is a Finnish group of companies owned by its customers, which offers life security for personal customers, companies and communities of all sizes, as well as for farms. Life security describes a method to serve customers through a lifetime and its changing scenarios. Local Tapiola invests in security, health and well-being of its customers. Local Tapiola uses Thinking Portfolio for managing the group's development portfolio and [...]

Based System Registration Projects Ede helps with targeted development of the city

The municipality of Ede is a city with over 100 000 inhabitants. It is a city with a lively center where there is always something to do for young and old. The green quality of the National Park ‘Veluwe’ penetrates into the city. Ede strengthen its attractiveness by investing in culture, knowledge and in the City Centre. The contribution, creativity and energy of residents and businesses is of [...]

If appreciates Thinking Portfolio’s customer-orientedness and reliability

If is a leading casualty insurance company in the Nordic region with 3.6 million clients and 6,800 employees. If is part of the Sampo Group. If provides indemnity insurances in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Baltic countries. If also provides services to globally operating companies based in the Nordic countries through branches and networks. The company has branches in, for example, Russia, France, the Netherlands, the United [...]

Thinking Portfolio making everyday project management easier in the Fennia Group

The Fennia Group is a leading expert of insurance and insurance-related services. Fennia offers companies, entrepreneurs and private clients risk management, insurance and asset management services. The Fennia Group comprises three companies: the casualty insurance company Fennia, Fennia Life, which offers voluntary life, pension and deposit insurance products and Fennia Asset Management Ltd., which provides asset management services. Thinking Portfolio's new features made the difference Fennia's portfolio of [...]

Thinking Portfolio provided additional value to project management in the City of Turku

The administration of the City of Turku consists of the Central Administration, headed by the mayor, and five divisions. The Central Administration attends to the preparation and implementation of decision-making for the City Council, the City Board and its sections. In addition to the Mayors, also the Directors of Central Administration Groups and Divisional Directors belong to the Management Group. The Management Group is tasked with steering the [...]

  • Katja-ja-Reijo-Varma

Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company – PPM Producing Significant Benefits

The mutual pension insurance company Varma implemented Thinking Portfolio in 2014. So far, active projects as well as projects starting during the first quarter of 2014 have been added to the portfolio. The portfolio contains mostly IT projects, but there are some business development projects as well. Implementing Thinking Portfolio was easy Development Manager and Head of PMO, Katja Siekkeli, describes the implementation process of Thinking Portfolio as [...]

Thinking Portfolio playing a role in the realization of the Espoo Story

Boasting a population of nearly 270,000, Espoo is the second largest city in Finland, consisting of five tightly-knit urban areas surrounded by idyllic Finnish nature. This urban network city provides excellent access to services via well-developed infrastructure. The Espoo Story is Espoo's strategy for 2013-2017. The City Council decided on the matter on 10 June 2013. The Espoo Story is aimed at focusing the city's operations in a [...]

Raisio – We are happy to have Thinking Portfolio

Raisio plc is a Finnish company established in 1939, whose shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. The company has over 35,000 shareholders. It employs some 1,900 people and operates in 9 countries. Group's net sales in 2013 were EUR 557.6 million and EBIT was EUR 39.3 million. Raisio is known for its innovations, of which cholesterol-lowering Benecol is one good example and Benemilk, with its ability [...]

Thinking Portfolio enables centralised project management model for RAY

Finland's Slot Machine Association RAY collects funds through slot machine and casino operations for the benefit of Finnish welfare. RAY offers entertaining and exciting games in a responsible manner. The profits from games are channelled into social and healthcare organisations' activities and benefiting Finnish war veterans. The association also aims to secure funding for several important future projects. Project managers join forces to produce a quality project portfolio [...]

Thinking Portfolio as an IT project management tool at Pirkanmaa Hospital District

The Pirkanmaa Hospital District is a municipal federation of 23 municipalities. Its mission is to provide health care services that promote health and functional capacity and to promote scientific research and training to support this goal. The data and technology administration of the Pirkanmaa Hospital District provides data administration services for information systems, as well as telecommunications services, such as telephone, workstation and data transfer services. The administration [...]

Thinking Portfolio providing open source of information at University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is the most versatile institution of science, civilization and mental regeneration, a pioneer and a builder of future. The university is a proponent of well-being and a just society. The IT Centre is an independent unit of the University of Helsinki, providing IT services for the university. The centre is in charge of IT administration and services. The IT Centre employs around 240 staff [...]

The City of Espoo Chooses Thinking Portfolio

The City of Espoo has chosen Thinking Portfolio (AE Business Care Group Oy) as its management support system supplier. The Thinking Portfolio project portfolio bid received the highest score of 99.38 (out of a maximum of 100 points) in the tendering process set up by the City of Espoo, providing the most economic project portfolio solution in terms of overall economics and lifespan.

  • Cargotec-1

Cargotec – Development projects carried out with Thinking Portfolio PPM

Cargotec is a global technology company delivering load handling solutions and maintenance services. Their business areas MacGregor, Kalmar and Hiab are recognised leaders in cargo and load handling solutions. Cargotec's main branch is located in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, with sales branches in over one hundred countries with staff in 48 countries.  In addition to having its main branch in Finland, Cargotec has a testing and product development centre in [...]