Case Study: Peikko Group

Transparency and clear reports reduce project workload

Peikko aims at creating a real-time view of the overall status of projects.

Peikko Group is an expert of concrete connections and composite beams, providing customers with innovative solutions that facilitate and speed up the construction process. Peikko Group has sales branches in thirty countries and production facilities in nine countries. It employs over 900 people. Peikko has a large amount of simultaneously ongoing development projects, and managing them required a comprehensive solution.

Thinking Portfolio’s project  portfolio application was piloted at Peikko in January 2013 with the organization of internal development projects.

Peikko’s Project Management Office Manager Jukka Nykänen, who was in charge of the project, says that Peikko has been very pleased with both the application and its smooth implementation. The objectives of moving projects along at a more steady pace and having a clear, real-time view of the overall project status have been reached.

Additionally Peikko has gained an easy-to-use application with an intuitive interface, encouraging everyone to utilize the tool. Thanks to its user-friendliness, the application has been introduced quickly, and is already being used in 10 countries.

– The implementation went smoothly in flexible cooperation with Thinking Business

– User training was easy to carry out. We organized one-hour training via online conferences. In addition to the training sessions, the users have access to guidance through the application’s Help views.

Transparency and clear reports

Peikko’s Project Management Office compiles summary reports and analyzes the project status regularly for the management. Project Managers have also found compiling monthly reports to be easy with Thinking Portfolio.

– Not only has Thinking Portfolio provided us with tools for portfolio management, it has facilitated running individual projects as well.

– We regularly create status reviews based on the project portfolio data for the management. Reports enable us to monitor project progress, select the right projects as well as their optimum implementation order.

– Two months after the introduction, 80% of the projects utilized Thinking Portfolio for monthly reports.

It is likely that we will be close to a hundred per cent by next month.

Pleased Thinking Portfolio customers

Nykänen says that previously employees had found it difficult to compare projects and form an overall view of project status, because project teams carried out projects differently. A couple of years ago, we set out to improve our practices by standardizing our project model. Procurement of the portfolio management software became necessary, as we were implementing the standardized project model.

– We ended up choosing Thinking Portfolio after meeting several reference companies.

– Companies which had used the application felt really pleased with it, stating that Thinking Portfolio’s portfolio management had significantly improved their project operations. We can now say that we share their experience.

Reduced workload

Peikko does not have specific project manager positions, but our project managers perform several other tasks in addition to project-related tasks. Indeed, monitoring key resource load is part of the everyday use of Thinking Portfolio.

Various user groups have provided positive feedback on how Thinking Portfolio has reduced the workload.

– We can easily produce summaries for national directors, for example on product development status, with the help of Thinking Portfolio

– Project Managers are very pleased with the way the new tool clarifies internal project operations and helps discover problems

– Management is grateful for the transparency of the overall situation and the improved individual project monitoring

Nykänen summarizes that Thinking Portfolio is a vast improvement over previous protocols and that using the tool keeps bringing up new useful qualities.

– We have noticed that the more you use the application, the more you realize its advantages.

 Additional information:

Jukka Nykanen Peikko Group

Jukka Nykänen  (in the photo) Project Management Office Manager, Peikko Group, jukka.nykanen(at)

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