Thinking Portfolio makes prioritisation easier and more transparent for the Municipality of Westland

To help residents and entrepreneurs as efficiently and quickly as possible and in the most customer-friendly way, the service processes of the municipality of Westland are being digitised to the extent possible. Complexity of the ICT infrastructure and interdependency of systems require a coherent, well-prioritised, project-based approach. The 'Thinking Portfolio' project portfolio software has given the Municipality of Westland a means of keeping an overview of all changes, allowing it to work in a more structured and project-based manner. Clusters and teams have an overview of all wishes, current programmes and projects and the resulting obligations and resource load.

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Thinking Portfolio helps Erasmus University to direct digitisation through Portfolio Management

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) invests long-term in the improvement and renewal of education, research and business operations, both at faculty level and for the institution as a whole. These change initiatives are often implemented through projects and programmes. The scope, coherence and complexity of the changes are increasing and controlling and managing the changes is becoming increasingly risky. Making the right choices is key for proper implementation of the EUR strategy. This requires overview and insight. Possible interdependencies must be transparent and it is important to know what capacity utilisation of people and resources is required with respect to all initiatives.

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Through Thinking Portfolio the central IT-organisation of the UMC Utrecht has a better grip on projects and ideas

Every year the central IT organisation of the UMC Utrecht carries out many projects that help improve care and business operations. The ‘Thinking Portfolio’ project portfolio management software provides the UMC Utrecht with a complete overview of these projects. Manual reports have been replaced by standardised reports. These provide a concise and unambiguous insight into the status and progress of all projects, allowing the organisation to work more efficiently and achieve more in less time. Information managers record ideas for new projects in a separate module and assess these ideas for risk, value and impact on the organisation at an early stage. This helps the organisation to make the right choices for projects, better planning and control.

Thinking Portfolio offers the Province of North Holland support from idea phase to project completion

All projects with an information/ICT aspect carried out within the province of North Holland are part of the i-Portfolio. This i-Portfolio was recorded and maintained using multiple spreadsheets and various reports. Within the CIO office the need arose for supporting project portfolio management software. Thinking Portfolio was chosen following a thorough selection process.

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Lindström manages clean projects with Thinking Portfolio

When Lindström started implementing the Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio, they had their project model in mind. The portfolio was modified to support the project model and Lindström’s corporate strategy. In connection with the implementation, it was noticed that the deployment of the project model still required work. The quality of the data was not what was desired, and the prioritization of projects had not been implemented to the expected extent, says Heidi Rääsiö, Head of IT People and Strategy.

The City of Lahti’s Thinking Portfolio’s Group Portfolio clarifies the way it operates and increases dialogue

Before the introduction of the Group Portfolio, the management of the information needed by the City of Lahti’s owner governance was challenging. There was no unified tool for storing and processing information. Because finance, organizational management, and economic planning had their own data collection tools, it was not necessarily known what information was collected by other parties, and the information available was not always up to date.

Tuusula’s city council’s term objectives and development projects are linked in Thinking Portfolio 

First, a development portfolio was introduced in Tuusula, followed by piloting of the objective portfolio. The Tuike project model was developed in the municipality of Tuusula during 2015-2016, and the project portfolio was built in Sharepoint. The project was a good foundation from which it was easy to start further development.

The IT organization of the City of Jyväskylä will use Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio in production

The City of Jyväskylä’s project portfolio working group has three months of effort in Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio definition and suitability testing. During the testing phase, a few IT projects were added to the portfolio by pilot users, and we are now ready for production.

The Thinking Portfolio project portfolio met Suominen’s expectations – Portfolio users are happy and excited

Suominen’s project portfolio acquisition process started from the requirements of an extensive development project, the cost-effectiveness program Optima. The Optima program involved dozens of different programs and projects of various sizes. In the initial phase of Optima, it was stated that it is necessary to say goodbye to the “Excel era.” Following Optima’s example, the Thinking Portfolio project portfolio was also launched by Suominen’s R&D development projects, growth investments, and ICT, whose projects were previously managed using Excel and Word as well.

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Thinking Portfolio’s project and risk portfolio enable unified handling at Fingrid

The combination of the Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio and the risk portfolio has streamlined the handling of both development projects and risk management in a unified environment. First, the project portfolio, together with the renewed project model, was introduced, and the positive experiences gained from it helped in the selection when the risk portfolio was acquired, says Development Manager Matti Tähtinen from Fingrid.

Patria’s internal development will be visible in the project portfolio from Thinking Portfolio

Patria’s IT Project Portfolio Officer Pauliina Mäki-Rajala explains, that her job has changed a lot since the implementation of Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio. The desired transparency has been reached through the portfolio. Previously the number of IT projects in Excel was around 20, and currently the Thinking Portfolio has over one hundred internal development projects.

The university community of Tampere will put together projects, systems, registries and ideas with Thinking Portfolio

When the universities merged, tools were needed to manage more than a hundred simultaneously running projects, to manage resources, and to map the system entity. Now, after merging, the portfolios from Thinking Portfolio continue to be used by the university community of Tampere as a development project portfolio and as a system portfolio for the entire community.

Helsedirektoratet is aiming at making Thinking Portfolio as a master piece

Helsedirektoratet is in the early stages of using Thinking Portfolio, but expects to gain more experience and eventually get all its application data in the portfolio. Application basics have now been put in the portfolio and after holidays system owners will start to fill the information of their systems in the tool.

SSAB moved on from a vulnerable Excel jungle to the reliable and versatile Thinking Portfolio

SSAB uses Thinking Portfolio’s solution for planning investment activities in the coming years. Plans are prepared in a clear way in the portfolio, which provides a quick overview of upcoming events. Investment Services Director Arto Kangas describes how the implementation of the project portfolio has made it possible to make the company’s approach even more systematic.