BRT Helsinki 15.9.2017 – Case Tamro: Towards proactive Portfolio Management

Do your projects run late from original schedule? Sounds pretty familiar? Tamro has a large project portfolio and personnel is encouraged to take part into development activities. Roughly two years ago started the next phase in Portfolio management. All was renewed: processes, organization and tools. From the beginning the aim was to move towards a proactive Portfolio Management. Tamro chose Thinking Portfolio’s platform for a technical solution. Software has provided benefits we expected and we [...]

Thinking Portfolio Insights Cookbook Released

We’ve published the second edition of our hugely popular Project Portfolio Management Playbook. The new edition is titled Thinking Portfolio Insights Cookbook – an e-book with over ninety how-to articles on how to succeed in managing your project portfolio. […]

Two of the top female leaders join the board of Thinking Portfolio to ensure a positive customer experience and profitable growth

Two of the top female leaders join the board of Thinking Portfolio to ensure a positive customer experience and profitable growth In order to ensure we continue to do the right thing in the future, we invited two very experienced and innovative female leaders to join our Board of Directors. Managing Director of Franklyn Partners, Finland’s leading customer insight agency Anna-Riikka Hovi, and experienced growth manager and Managing Director of Ferovalo, Elina Liehu. Future success [...]

Savon Voima uses Thinking Portfolio as its management and communication tool

Savon Voima, otherwise known as the Savonian energy group, concentrates on electricity sales and grid services, electricity and district heating generation, solar power solutions and versatile portfolio management services for the energy sector. Thinking Portfolio leads the approach for objective development Managing Director of Savon Voima, Arto Sutinen, together with Development Manager and Chief Information Officer Markku Rissanen, state that development tasks have been enhanced in their organisation and are increasingly objective-focused, whilst management processes have [...]

Lemminkäinen forms the foundations of its project using Thinking Portfolio

Lemminkäinen is an expert in the creation of complex infrastructure and building construction in northern Europe and is one of the largest paving companies in its market segment. Lemminkäinen employs over 4,800 professionals and the company’s turnover for 2015 was 1.9 billion Euros. Lemminkäinen Oyj is listed with Nasdaq Helsinki Oy. ( Thinking Portfolio creates clarity for smooth cooperation between different organisations The implementation of Lemminkäinen’s Thinking Portfolio was conducted at the end of the [...]

Finnair opens up its route to Thinking Portfolio’s Project Portfolio

Finnair is an airline network specialised in flying between Europe and Asia along the shorter northern route. Finnair uses Thinking Portfolio’s Project Portfolio, which currently manages its IT projects. There are plans for Thinking Portfolio to become the go-to project management application for all types of projects including procurement, commercial investigation and projects to open new flight routes. The intention of the ongoing Roadshow is to communicate information about the potential of the application for future [...]

Thinking Portfolio project portfolio awarded AAA GOLD credit rating – AAA for over five years running

Thinking Portfolio project portfolio awarded AAA GOLD credit rating – AAA for over five years running Of all Finnish enterprises, 0.3 percent have been listed in the highest AAA credit category for over five years. “Thinking Portfolio’s project and development portfolio is also our own everyday tool for customer and service development tasks – it facilitates easy resource planning and project management. Naturally, success also has a lot to do with experience and humility is [...]

The 6 Secrets for Developing a Motivating Project Culture

One of the key aspects of a successful project is project motivation. What is motivation? Research in the field of project management and leadership suggests that motivation goes beyond doing the ‘correct’ things. In an organizational setup, the role of a leader or a project manager is to involve all team members and get them to complete tasks, but not always by acting like a taskmaster or through coercion. Here are six secrets that will [...]

How Do You Select the Right KPIs for Your Project?

Selecting the right key performance indicators (KPIs) for a project is critical as you will need these KPIs to accurately gauge the project's success and performance over time. There is no universal remedy for choosing the correct KPIs, but there quite a few things that you will always need to consider. KPIs are essential to see if your project is meeting the set goals. Relate them directly to your business objectives What is the goal [...]

Passionate Project Managers Are More Successful

Passion plays a key role in determining whether or not we succeed in our endeavors. If you are passionate about something, go ahead and do it. And if you are not, don’t waste your time on it. That same applies to project managers handling different types of projects across industries. Managing multiple IT projects, one after the there can become monotonous. When nothing else seems encouraging or inspiring, it is passion about the worked we [...]

Digitalization as a Part of Good Portfolio Management part 2

In an era where nearly everything is gradually becoming digitalized, why should portfolio management be left behind, right? In fact, digitalization actually makes the management of a huge number of existing and proposed projects much easier. Digitalization is essentially the process through which information gets converted into easy-to-use digital formats. This collective information is then organized into independent data units called ‘bits’ which can be addressed separately. How digitalization can help in good portfolio management [...]