Download Updated Thinking Portfolio Case Studies E-book

We’ve published  an updated edition of the Customer Case Stories E-book. It gives an overview on how our customers have benefitted from our portfolio management tool. Our clients include large international corporations, middle-sized enterprises, and public sector organizations. Our products have over 200 000 users in 50 countries.

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Risk table extended to manage projects during Corona crisis

With more than 12,000 employees, the University Medical Centre Utrecht, of which the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital is a part, is one of the largest public healthcare institutions in the Netherlands and the largest employer in the region. UMC Utrecht has been using Thinking Portfolio since January 2018 to have an overview and insight about the ICT projects.

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Focusing on the portfolio: How to bring development portfolio to the Senior Management agenda 🗺

What are the first steps Project Office, PMO, or the owner of a portfolio has to take to deliver portfolio information into the agenda of the Management Group? How to bring the portfolio to the core of strategic discussion and make each member of the Management Group interested in it? What triggers the Senior Management to focus on the Portfolio?

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9 practical and positive ways to fight the COVID-19 pandemic through top-fit Portfolio Management

1. Cut the reporting periods An accurate daily status snapshot is critical when quick decisions are needed. Cutting the reporting periods of projects in half will result to twice a week or even on a weekly basis reporting – and decision making - cycle. 2. Communicate to the whole organisation Communication to the whole organisation is a key issue. Your Portfolio can be opened to the entire staff or at least to all the key [...]

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Patria’s internal development will be visible in the project portfolio from Thinking Portfolio

Patria’s IT Project Portfolio Officer Pauliina Mäki-Rajala explains, that her job has changed a lot since the implementation of Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio. The desired transparency has been reached through the portfolio. Previously the number of IT projects in Excel was around 20, and currently the Thinking Portfolio has over one hundred internal development projects.

The university community of Tampere will put together projects, systems, registries and ideas with Thinking Portfolio

When the universities merged, tools were needed to manage more than a hundred simultaneously running projects, to manage resources, and to map the system entity. Now, after merging, the portfolios from Thinking Portfolio continue to be used by the university community of Tampere as a development project portfolio and as a system portfolio for the entire community.

SSAB moved on from a vulnerable Excel jungle to the reliable and versatile Thinking Portfolio

SSAB uses Thinking Portfolio’s solution for planning investment activities in the coming years. Plans are prepared in a clear way in the portfolio, which provides a quick overview of upcoming events. Investment Services Director Arto Kangas describes how the implementation of the project portfolio has made it possible to make the company’s approach even more systematic.

Master’s Thesis on Thinking Portfolio’s brand community

Enthusiastic customers, networking, and sharing new ideas and solutions with each other were the first things to come to mind when my thesis advisor asked me to think about the features that make Thinking Portfolio different from other companies. Based on these insights, “The role of C2C relationships in B2B brand community – Case: Thinking Portfolio” became the topic of my thesis.

Resource Planning in Thinking Portfolio

Summary A short video tutorial covering the basic functionalities of Resource Planning in Thinking Portfolio on Project and Portfolio levels. Contents Resource planning on Project level Data on Project level Resources tab Information on Project Resources tab Features in Project Resource tab Reports related to Project level Resourcing Project level resourcing related reports Portfolio level resourcing Functionalities on the Portfolio level resourcing How to move between Portfolio and Project level resourcing views [...]