Download Updated Thinking Portfolio Case Studies E-book

We’ve published  an updated edition of the Customer Case Stories E-book. It gives an overview on how our customers have benefitted from our portfolio management tool. Our clients include large international corporations, middle-sized enterprises, and public sector organizations. Our products have over 200 000 users in 50 countries.

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Resource Planning in Thinking Portfolio

Summary A short video tutorial covering the basic functionalities of Resource Planning in Thinking Portfolio on Project and Portfolio levels. Contents Resource planning on Project level Data on Project level Resources tab Information on Project Resources tab Features in Project Resource tab Reports related to Project level Resourcing Project level resourcing related reports Portfolio level resourcing Functionalities on the Portfolio level resourcing How to move between Portfolio and Project level resourcing views [...]


Thinking Portfolio The REST Api is a new feature for building real-time integrations

The REST Api is a new feature for building real-time integrations. It is mainly intended for reading data from Thinking Portfolio but data can also be updated through the interface. The REST Api is the best choice when the client wants to retrieve structured information for a single or a group of projects/applications according to his own schedule. A use case example could be a publishing site where data is retrieved from Thinking Portfolio when [...]

New risk analysis widget in Thinking Portfolio

New and visual risk analysis -widget enables easily to see the big picture of the risks with one glance. Risk analysis -widget is great and efficient way to communicate project's main risks. This new feature brings valuable visibility, agility & efficiency for project's steering & direction. Following project -example consists of several risk factors: Time Complexity Resources Steering Scope Example: Depending on the needed risk analysis, risk factors can be easily changed. Note. This is new additional [...]

Thinking Portfolio’s updated standards-based federated single-sign-on

The new single-sign-on solution of Thinking Portfolio is based on Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS 2.0). The solution supports both SAML 2.0- and WS Federation 2.0 -based authentication schemes. No custom software is required at the customer side and the solution works from any internet location. Note. This solution is additional alternative to existing solution.

Thinking Portfolio new and easy project Time card view

Thinking Portfolio’s new Time card allows viewing your personal hour reporting by monthly very easy and quickly. If you are reporting your working hours to Thinking Portfolio, you can view your monthly hours just by pressing the Time card button in the Timesheet view (please see the picture below). You can save your project Time card to an Excel or a PDF file by using the buttons at the top-right corner and send your Time [...]