Comprehensive Lifecycle Management for IT Applications

Application lifecycle management is an essential IT system that allows you to simplify software development. When IT processes and applications are automated, you can introduce infrastructure to record and manage change requests in a seamless and organized manner.

With comprehensive lifecycle management for IT applications, your business can ensure that all IT-related tasks like projects, changes, requests as well as release are tracked and managed in a consistent manner and are easily accessible throughout the IT organization. Ideally, this accessibility should be offered to all departments in your organization including, application development, operations, management, and service desk. It is also important to allot adequate budget to accommodate regular inspections and checks in your IT application lifecycle management process. You can adopt the following lifecycle management techniques to ensure that all IT processes in your organization are automated and accounted for.

Software change management

You must devise comprehensive solutions for software change management, when bugs or issues are reported, which carry on till the developmental, production, and release stages. With regular updates on software change management, your business can seamlessly manage builds, releases, workflow, configuration, and versioning without losing control over the overall system.

Automation of IT workflow

By implementing automated IT workflow software, you can keep track of multiple business processes at a time and manage all issues raised during the project while ensuring its completion. Ideal IT management systems integrate change requests, unique management requirements, service desk activities, and approvals. This allows you to keep track of changes, enforce processes for approval, manage IT projects, establish requirements and automate reporting and workflow. 

Deployment management

With an automated process for deployment management, you can easily simplify an otherwise error-prone and complex manual method. By using IT programs with proper deployment management, you can ensure that the right applications and files are automatically deployed to the right locations. This ensures that even the most complex of distribution systems in your business are simplified to a great extent. With a deployment management system in place, you can gather, distribute, package as well as install applications components with ease. You can also eliminate manual-errors, and recover quickly from any possible setbacks, protecting your business from most roadblocks.

Generally, deployment on a manual scale can only be completed by large teams of 10-20 professionals. With the right lifecycle management tools in place, you can reduce this task to just one professional who supervises the automated deployment management, bringing in significant savings for your business.

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