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Thinking Portfolio provided additional value to project management in the City of Turku

The administration of the City of Turku consists of the Central Administration, headed by the mayor, and five divisions. The Central Administration attends to the preparation and implementation of decision-making for the City Council, the City Board and its sections. In addition to the Mayors, also the Directors of Central Administration Groups and Divisional Directors belong to the Management Group. The Management Group is tasked with steering the city organization, delineate important matters and to [...]

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Thinking Portfolio making everyday project management easier in the Fennia Group

The Fennia Group is a leading expert of insurance and insurance-related services. Fennia offers companies, entrepreneurs and private clients risk management, insurance and asset management services. The Fennia Group comprises three companies: the casualty insurance company Fennia, Fennia Life, which offers voluntary life, pension and deposit insurance products and Fennia Asset Management Ltd., which provides asset management services. Thinking Portfolio's new features made the difference Fennia's portfolio of in-house development projects features currently around 50 [...]

Project portfolio prioritization as the foundation of growth

Finland is in desperate need of growth. The creation of new jobs appear to be focused on small and medium-sized, growing businesses. This does not, however, exempt established companies from the responsibility of striving for growth. Revitalizing development and investment projects provide a foundation for growth. A project portfolio is an efficient management tool for choosing and prioritizing such projects. Need for reformation Many of the problems of traditional companies stem from the inability to [...]

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Project portfolio management and incorrectly evaluated risks

One of the main objectives of project portfolio management is balancing benefits and areas of emphasis with risks. Benefits and areas of emphasis are often established as a business-related justification, such as cash flow analysis or cost-benefit analysis. Reviewing these aspects allows for the observation of areas of emphasis in the project, such as the required staff resources, acquired services and investments. In addition to these, the review process includes benefits gained from the projects, [...]


The City of Espoo Chooses Thinking Portfolio

The City of Espoo has chosen Thinking Portfolio (AE Business Care Group Oy) as its management support system supplier. The Thinking Portfolio project portfolio bid received the highest score of 99.38 (out of a maximum of 100 points) in the tendering process set up by the City of Espoo, providing the most economic project portfolio solution in terms of overall economics and lifespan.


What Makes Women the Best Project Managers

Project Management - a largely male dominated domain until recently, is now seeing more and more well qualified women taking the helm. Being great communicators Women can use their communication skills to get an edge over men in project management. Being assertive without coming off as abrasive, and using gentle persuasion to get buy-in from senior management helps the team and PMO. Regular conversations with stakeholders help the PMO align to business goals and get [...]


Good Project Communication and Social Media

Social media has long ceased to be a domain of private individuals keen on maintaining long distance relationship with friends and family by posting details about their whereabouts and latest happenings in life. In corporate world it has become a handy tool for managers to address team communication problems and broadcast information about changes in policies also interacting with clients. In current global business scenario wherein teams are spread across the globe and are working [...]


Six Common Ways to Be a Better Project Management Office

Managing projects is a second nature to many managers, in spite of not having a proper structure to do it. Every day is hectic with new initiatives, new software being built, tested and launched constantly. All these are projects ultimately depend upon their managers for success. The leaders who have a proper and structured project management office have an undeniable edge and advantage over the others. Listed below are the ways in which you can [...]


Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company – PPM Producing Significant Benefits

The mutual pension insurance company Varma implemented Thinking Portfolio in 2014. So far, active projects as well as projects starting during the first quarter of 2014 have been added to the portfolio. The portfolio contains mostly IT projects, but there are some business development projects as well. Implementing Thinking Portfolio was easy Development Manager and Head of PMO, Katja Siekkeli, describes the implementation process of Thinking Portfolio as fairly uncomplicated. Varma had already utilised Excel [...]



Cargotec is a global technology company delivering load handling solutions and maintenance services. Their business areas MacGregor, Kalmar and Hiab are recognised leaders in cargo and load handling solutions. Cargotec's main branch is located in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, with sales branches in over one hundred countries with staff in 48 countries.  In addition to having its main branch in Finland, Cargotec has a testing and product development centre in Tampere. The company also has product development, [...]


Define the PMO of 2015

In 2015 Project Management Offices will have to face new challenges while delivering value to their organizations. The project management office is geared towards establishment and accomplishments of goals linked to stakeholders needs. As firms move from traditional processes towards more agile operations, PMO has to play an active role in the process by making their leaders more adaptable to new technology. In today’s challenging business environment project management is a combination of hard decisions [...]


How to Make an Ordinary Project Manager Great

Did you know that only two percent of project managers in any workforce are rated as excellent by both their co-workers and clients? It does not come as a surprise that project management requires much more than just managerial skills to give the desired results. So, what makes a project manager a great one? Here are some traits that ordinary project managers need to develop to become better at their job: An ordinary project manager [...]


Why a Spreadsheet Is No Longer Adequate For IT Application Portfolio Management

Spreadsheets have been a critical working tool for most business processes for almost three decades. While they proved useful in the 1980s, the case is much different today owing to the increasing emphasis on technology and accuracy. This boosted use of technology in today’s businesses has made the spreadsheet obsolete. If your company is still using spreadsheets to manage and monitor its IT application portfolio, here are some reasons to make the change. A recent [...]


Roles and Responsibilities of a PMO

A universal set of principles, methods and templates are built by the PMO for the purpose of managing and executing various projects. With the help of standardization, it becomes easier for managers to switch between various projects and fresh project managers can work faster as well. Developing templates for managing projects means that uniform set components can be re-utilized. This ends up saving overall costs, time and effort for the business. Major roles in a [...]


5 Questions to Help You Maximize the Value of Project Portfolio Management

As a part of a growing organization, you may be faced with handling multiple business projects at a time. To handle them efficiently, you could choose software or rely on personal expertise. Regardless of how you decide to manage your project portfolio, there are certain aspects of management that you should consider. If you have too many projects and limited personnel, time or money, you can manage your project portfolio by asking five important questions. [...]