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What Makes Women the Best Project Managers

Project Management - a largely male dominated domain until recently, is now seeing more and more well qualified women taking the helm. Being great communicators Women can use their communication skills to get an edge over men in project management. Being assertive without coming off as abrasive, and using gentle persuasion to get buy-in from senior management helps the team and PMO. Regular conversations with stakeholders help the PMO align to business goals and get [...]

Thinking Portfolio The REST Api is a new feature for building real-time integrations

The REST Api is a new feature for building real-time integrations. It is mainly intended for reading data from Thinking Portfolio but data can also be updated through the interface. The REST Api is the best choice when the client wants to retrieve structured information for a single or a group of projects/applications according to his own schedule. A use case example could be a publishing site where data is retrieved from Thinking Portfolio when [...]

Two of the top female leaders join the board of Thinking Portfolio to ensure a positive customer experience and profitable growth

Two of the top female leaders join the board of Thinking Portfolio to ensure a positive customer experience and profitable growth In order to ensure we continue to do the right thing in the future, we invited two very experienced and innovative female leaders to join our Board of Directors. Managing Director of Franklyn Partners, Finland’s leading customer insight agency Anna-Riikka Hovi, and experienced growth manager and Managing Director of Ferovalo, Elina Liehu. Future success [...]

Thinking Portfolio project portfolio awarded AAA GOLD credit rating – AAA for over five years running

Thinking Portfolio project portfolio awarded AAA GOLD credit rating – AAA for over five years running Of all Finnish enterprises, 0.3 percent have been listed in the highest AAA credit category for over five years. “Thinking Portfolio’s project and development portfolio is also our own everyday tool for customer and service development tasks – it facilitates easy resource planning and project management. Naturally, success also has a lot to do with experience and humility is [...]

The 6 Secrets for Developing a Motivating Project Culture

One of the key aspects of a successful project is project motivation. What is motivation? Research in the field of project management and leadership suggests that motivation goes beyond doing the ‘correct’ things. In an organizational setup, the role of a leader or a project manager is to involve all team members and get them to complete tasks, but not always by acting like a taskmaster or through coercion. Here are six secrets that will [...]

The 6 Secrets of Great Project Communication

Good project communication leads to excellent decisions and wonderful ideas. It is easy to communicate effectively if you know how. It is to be remembered that an honest communication of project ideas conveys higher integrity. Honesty and integrity are major components of any great project communication. 1. Be consistent Better project management officers consistently and repeatedly use the same practices all through the organization. Making every project a success involves all projects to be regarded [...]

The 6 Secrets of Good Project Resource Management

An organization uses multiple resources for executing projects. These typically include people, equipment, information, materials, time, and money. Most organizations have a limited amount of resources, hence, resource allocation planning is necessary for the effective management and utilization of these scarce resources. Project resource management involves procuring and deploying internal as well as external resources which are needed for delivering a project, portfolio or program. It focuses on priority usage of resources, monitoring resource utilization [...]

How Do You Select the Right KPIs for Your Project?

Selecting the right key performance indicators (KPIs) for a project is critical as you will need these KPIs to accurately gauge the project's success and performance over time. There is no universal remedy for choosing the correct KPIs, but there quite a few things that you will always need to consider. KPIs are essential to see if your project is meeting the set goals. Relate them directly to your business objectives What is the goal [...]

The 6 Secrets of Good Project Post Evaluation

A comprehensive post evaluation report should ideally be based on three distinct measures: • The completion of the project in due time • The completion of the project within the estimated budget • The meeting of all requirements during project execution In short, these three measures are an indication of ‘time’, ‘cost’ and ‘product’, as distinct factors that together help in assessing project success. A post-evaluation analysis should also consider three other measures which are [...]

The Deadly Sins of Project Management

The success of an organization depends upon the quality of project it is able to undertake and deliver successfully on schedule. Sometimes even with the best of efforts and intentions projects get delayed or do not work the way client wants them to resulting in disrepute to organization and team members. So what is the difference between success and failure and what measures should an organization take to complete every project successfully? Both professionally managed [...]

Passionate Project Managers Are More Successful

Passion plays a key role in determining whether or not we succeed in our endeavors. If you are passionate about something, go ahead and do it. And if you are not, don’t waste your time on it. That same applies to project managers handling different types of projects across industries. Managing multiple IT projects, one after the there can become monotonous. When nothing else seems encouraging or inspiring, it is passion about the worked we [...]

What Could a Project Manager Learn from Children

From the title of the article, you might be wondering ‘What lessons could children possibly offer project managers?’ Actually, children's behavior can teach project managers quite a few things. These lessons can help the manager do his/her job more efficiently. Have you ever noticed the way children behave and interact with others on a day-to-day basis? Next time, whenever you get an opportunity to make an observation, pay close attention and you might end up [...]

Thinking Out of the Box in Project Portfolio Management

“Thinking out of the box” is such a clichéd phrase and used in almost all areas of life. But the truth is that it is among the most vital skills that a project manager and his/her team need to have in order to consistently drive creativity. It’s true that traditional thinking tends to rely on previous experience and practiced protocols and hence give you confidence to handle issues. But when you think outside the box, [...]

Positive Project Portfolio Management

Today's ever-changing business environment often presents numerous challenges, while positive signs are few and far between. The project portfolio and its projects are part of this business environment. External and internal changes and improvements are driven to completion according to plans, which can at times take an emotional toll on the employees. By adopting a positive, enthusiastic approach in how we handle the status quo, business environment and active projects can offer a completely different [...]