Evaluation of Project Management Office

A project management office is essential for any organization that is handling more than one active projects at the same time. It is required to ensure that the projects and their execution are done with the same guidelines to which, the organization adheres.

It is also important to evaluate the project management office from time to time. This helps an enterprise keep up with the standards of the project execution. It also allows to keep the management as well as employees at all levels of the organization work to their best abilities.

What are the advantages of evaluating a project management office?

Evaluation of a project management office is needed to ensure its efficacy. Here are some ways a project management evaluation evaluation helps.

  • A project management evaluation helps an organization know if the program is still effective. As the wants and size of the organization change, the project management office might also need an overhaul. Also, with the change in project sizes or change in management, an evaluation of project management office might be the need of the hour.
  • A project management evaluation also is an important tool for stakeholders to hold the management accountable, in case there are problems in project execution.
  • A project management evaluation helps the management as well as the project team understand what went wrong with the project execution and how the same can be avoided in the future. It is also helps a company understand what is right with the project and how to continue doing it.

How is evaluation of project management office done?

The evaluation of project management office is done in many ways.

  • The evaluation can be conducted by the organization or through external agencies.
  • If the organization is handling the evaluation, then either the people who worked on projects are involved in the process or other employees are included in it. At times stakeholders also get involved in the process if there is a requirement for it. At other times stakeholders do the evaluation along with the project team. The project team is involved in the evaluation so that the members can understand what went right or what went wrong with the project handling and help the organization with their experience.
  • External agencies are asked for project management evaluation if the organization needs the help of an expert or some technical support. If the organization feels that peer evaluation could be biased for some reason, it can opt for evaluation from external agencies.
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