Successful project management is the result of using the right kind of resources and strategies. At the same time, success or failure of a project depends heavily on the abilities of the project manager. Project management is not rocket science. But it still needs the manager to have certain abilities and qualities that make the process of managing and leading the team towards success. Here are the five basic skills that every project manager should have to be successful.


Without the ability to communicate clearly and specifically, the project manager will not be able to get things done. So basic skill umber one here is communication. Communication here involves interaction with the team members, the bosses and also the clients. A successful project manager not only knows what he has to say, he says it clearly o ensure the message is passed. Successful project managers also listen. They know that is the first rule of communication – listen and then speak.

Team building and management

The success or failure of the project is highly dependent on the project team members. The manager should have the ability to identify and groom potential talent who can work on the project. In addition to building the right team, the manager should also be able to strike the right chord with each of them and be able to manage the team to ensure that the project gets completed as planned.


Planning is yet another critical skill that a manager should have. Panning is perhaps the first step a project manager has to take up to determine what needs to be done, how it has to be done and what the potential obstacles to the project are. Planning and strategizing ensure that the project gets completed smoothly and within budget. By working in alignment with the PMO, a project manager might even be able to complete the project under budget.


Analytical skills are key for the project manager to review and measure the ROI. He or she should have basic analytical skills that can help them identify where they are exactly in terms of project development and what they need to complete the project in time.

Industry knowledge and expertise

To be able to lead a team of qualified professionals, the project manager should have sufficient industry knowledge and preferably expertise in the field. While it may be possible for them manager to lead and guide the team towards successful project completion without any specific skills related to the field, lack of industry knowledge may make it difficult to understand the processes and take the right decisions.