Five Most Critical Skills IT Project Managers Should Possess

While some IT professionals are natural leaders, others work hard to instill certain skills that are essential to handle any project. Apart from tending to the smallest details of the project, IT project managers are required to focus on the big picture and keep pace with the impending deadlines. Here are the most essential and critical skills that IT projects managers should have.


Also referred to as impact analysis, project managers should possess the ability to understand and analyze the impact of the project and the subsequent resulting changes. It is important to be able to analyze and manage the project while making changes to it as required. These analytical skills will also help you keep the project on track without overlooking essential changes.


As an IT project manager, it is imperative to communicate with your team as well as stakeholders to keep the project running as smooth as possible. These communication skills include conveying problems and risks to the responsible individuals as soon as they are detected, scheduling regular meetings to discuss and resolve problems, listening to the issues presented by your team and stakeholders, and keeping your seniors updated.


Team building is an essential skill possessed by a good IT project manager to keep the operations smooth and running. Since most projects are often hectic and long, it is important to keep the team together and motivated. Some examples of team building include regularly speaking with the team members, taking them out on recreational activities like dinner or drinks, and engaging in activities and games that are likely to create a stronger bond within your team.

Time management

IT project managers handle and juggle several duties and responsibilities at a time, from managing the team, looking into minute details, understanding the big picture, and meeting deadlines. To be able to handle these tasks with ease, it is very important to manage your time seamlessly. To understand how to manage your time effectively, you can read inspirational books on time management, employ software and apps, or even work with a fellow employee to make time for all the essential tasks surrounding the project.

Conflict management and problem solving

Managing conflicts and crisis in projects is perhaps one of the most difficult and despised tasks undertaken by project managers. However, it remains one of the most important skills when heading any project. These skills include understanding the different sides of the conflict and listening to the issues posed by different parties, setting up meetings, and taking the initiative to reach a consensus before the project faces any significant delay.

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