Five Ways to Communicate your Project Portfolio Inside your Organization

Project portfolio management (PPM) is an effective internal organization tool which articulates the nature and purpose of a project and also in determining the outcome. Here are some of the ways in which you can communicate a PPM inside your organization.

Power Point Presentations

This is a classic computer program that has been the pitch-factor behind millions of successful projects across the world. Its popularity is rooted in its user friendly interface and versatility across different platforms. PPT is often best used in combination with a live speaker and a projector slide-show to a live audience. A variant of PPT is the Windows Live Movie maker which offers a slightly advanced functionality and output.

PPM Software

Information Technology has apparently all the solutions for even the most uncommon applications. It also has one for some of your PPM needs. This is particularly useful for bigger organizations responsible for handling numerous projects. They provide with a platform that lists the projects in order by their priority, schedule, budget and other factors. There are both commercial programs for purchase and open source programs that are worth a try.


A picture can be worth a thousand words and when formatted into a sequential layout in combination with information in text, it simply becomes an infographic. They can be shared on micro blogs, social networks, emails and also a collection of them can even be included into an e-book. The ease of availability and use of image editing software programs makes it a good option for PPM.

Animation/Live Videos

If your company can afford professional video producers then you’ll have the luxury of one of the popular story telling mediums for your PPM. Videos are interactive, entertaining and can bring every member of your project on to the same page in just a matter of minutes by helping you communicate the most intricate details with a fluid narrative. If you cannot afford a professional then you may even try your best with a home camcorder and freeware video editing program.

Screen Recorder

This is the least known computer application which actually has a great potential for corporate needs being helpful in both interaction and economy. A screen recorder allows you to record your on-screen activity and store it as a video file. A popular example of this kind of application is the Khan Academy Channel on YouTube.

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