How to Make an Ordinary Project Business Owner Great?

While some may think that factors like certifications in project management is crucial in a project PMO lead, in fact it is among the most underrated criteria while hiring one. What is seen as a far more important attribute is the individual’s ability to understand the project. This allows the PMO to initiate, monitor and manage better, and see if it rings true with the company’s core goals and objectives. Here is a look at some other attributes that can transform an ordinary PMO lead to a great PMO lead.

Intra-organizational connections

The PMO lead should be have good connections with the PMO team as well as the other departments in the organization. There are times when the PMO comes across situations in the course of the project cycle where issues crop up right in the middle of a busy schedule. Resolving these issues is a matter of getting organizational assistance, and when the PMO director is well-connected with the various departments it becomes easy to have these issues resolved in a timely manner. Else, valuable time may be lost in the process, which may just tip the project from a success to failure.

PM experience

While there have been instances where corporate executives who haven’t had an experience as a project manager have taken on the role, it has not always been the best move for businesses to have their PMO lead by inexperienced professionals. Many a times businesses just settle for resource managers. The truth is that there is more to the role of a PMO than just an experience in resource management can offer. A PMO lead who has a good track record in project management roles, has a good understanding of the general workflow in the department. While they won’t be micromanaging the projects, they will by managing the PMO resources. They will be setting up and managing the PM software schedule, and imposing the best practices to support fast project deliveries in the organization.


Just as in the case of project managers, excellent communication skills are indispensable when it comes to PMO directors. From in-office policies to processes, the PMO lead should be easily able to communicate this information across the corporate chain. The PMO lead should have the ability to communicate convincingly with customers and clients, to enhance their trust and confidence in the business.

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