Did you know that only two percent of project managers in any workforce are rated as excellent by both their co-workers and clients? It does not come as a surprise that project management requires much more than just managerial skills to give the desired results.

So, what makes a project manager a great one? Here are some traits that ordinary project managers need to develop to become better at their job:

An ordinary project manager takes care of scheduling, communication and production. Great project managers get involved in strategic vision execution and team building skills.

Best project managers change themselves according to the changing requirements. They are cognizant of the techniques which will bring the best out of team members. A great project manager is also sufficiently flexible, so that the team can adopt changes quickly and make incremental progress, which can be achieved as well as measured.

Ordinary project managers stay on the road. Great project managers understand that there will be bumps on the way and formulate solutions in real time.

Smart project managers understand that the top priority of any project is to satisfy the customer and that definitions of success can vary over time. They understand that certain projects may have higher aims and they strategize based on long-term goals.

Ordinary project managers worry about accomplishing the tasks. Great project mangers know that negotiation, problem-solving and collaboration are very important for successful results.

Great project managers have excellent negotiating and collaborating skills. They are proficient in the four negotiation related phases:

  1. Collecting documents, facts and data so that the case can be presented well
  2. Disclosing required information with the team
  3. Concentrating on common objectives and interests
  4. Ensuring that all the stakeholders are firmly on the board

Ordinary project managers get anxious over outcomes. The great ones are confident of their ways to secure a solution.

Great project managers are very particular when it comes to being aware of the challenges of a specific project. They ask the right questions. Answers that they obtain, are evaluated and then collaborated to get best solutions without any second guessing.

Ordinary project managers tend to hire talented team mates. Great project managers how to use an individual’s skills in the correct manner at the right time. They know the importance of having everyone on board to extract the best teamwork, which is essential for a successful project.