Photo: Timo Luhtanen, Keva

Thinking Portfolio combines projects, applications and resources. Keva’s persistent need to have an overview of its project portfolio was fulfilled with the implementation of Thinking Portfolio. In addition to its transparency, Thinking Portfolio provided the necessary view of resource needs, allowing Keva to adopt a systematic approach to resource planning.   

Keva is currently implementing the Thinking Portfolio application portfolio as well. Implementing the application portfolio also allows projects and related applications to be linked. “The new tools are expected to help provide clarity in project and application operations, as well as resourcing. However, this requires the input of the employees,” describes Keva’s IT Controller Timo Luhtanen.  

“We are still in the early stages of this transition, and the move will also require changing our corporate culture in order to have the necessary data available in the portfolios and integrating this approach to our everyday operations.   

Project portfolio benefits have been clear  

Despite the fact that the new culture and the applications are still taking baby steps, the project portfolio has already proven useful. For example, during budgeting, projects planned for the upcoming period have been entered into the portfolio for review.   

Project managers have indicated that project management and reporting has become significantly easier with the portfolio, which has also received praise for its user-friendliness.  

“The portfolio has provided management with an easy overview, making it possible to map future resource needs for planning and budgeting.” Keva also realised during budgeting that certain projects had to be re-prioritised or their resource allocation had to be adjusted based on the clarity of the picture provided by the portfolio.  

Thinking Portfolio was an easy procurement decision  

Despite the IT-oriented definition project, Keva implemented Thinking Portfolio in several units simultaneously. This required more work during the definition stage, but also allowed Keva to implement a portfolio that provides comprehensive support to all organisational units right from the start.   

“It would have been easier to first implement the portfolio on the IT side, but I believe the right move was to implement it fully. I also believe Thinking Portfolio was the right choice. We are really pleased with it. I do not think there is another solution on the market that is as comprehensive; and the price is right, too. The decision was easy, as the solution truly supports our operations.”  

Thinking Portfolio serves the right purpose  

Keva was specifically looking for a project portfolio management tool. During tendering they were offered applications that were suitable for project management, but not for portfolio management and supervision. Daily activities in Keva’s projects, particularly in the IT department, are typically managed by the supplier’s project manager with in-house project managers handling overall management and reporting duties.  

“Thinking Portfolio suits our needs perfectly with project portfolio management being our primary need, but the tool also enables project management on a smaller scale.”  


Keva is Finland’s largest pension provider and it administers the pensions of local government, State, Evangelical Lutheran Church and Kela employees.



Timo Luhtanen,
IT controller,