Lemminkäinen is an expert in the creation of complex infrastructure and building construction in northern Europe and is one of the largest paving companies in its market segment. Lemminkäinen employs over 4,800 professionals and the company’s turnover for 2015 was 1.9 billion Euros. Lemminkäinen Oyj is listed with Nasdaq Helsinki Oy.


Thinking Portfolio creates clarity for smooth cooperation between different organisations

The implementation of Lemminkäinen’s Thinking Portfolio was conducted at the end of the year when the application was used for monitoring and prioritising internal development projects for business operations and support functions. The previous version of the application was in use earlier on, but back then there was no great need for a project portfolio that continued to be in active use.

“A pilot stage preceded the commissioning of Thinking Portfolio and involved implementation of the tool’s debut version and we started with a clean slate”, explains Nina Sode-Carlsen, who is responsible for the development of Thinking Portfolio at Lemminkäinen.

She adds that during the selection phase, they already had a good Excel-based template for what they required from a project portfolio.

“There has been increased cooperation between different organisations and the number of projects in the portfolio has grown to such a degree that we decided to reinstate the project portfolio application. We did consider other alternatives, but we had good experience of using Thinking Portfolio before and the functionality we needed was already in place. In addition, customising its appearance was easy.

You don’t need to read a manual to be able to use

Thinking Portfolio

The training of project managers and other user groups is still ongoing at Lemminkäinen, but Sode-Carlsen states that Thinking Profile has received a favourable response from users, who praised such things as its intuitive, easy-to-use qualities.

“There is no need to read an instruction manual to use Thinking Portfolio.”

Every stage of the project can be easily monitored with Thinking Portfolio

Despite only being in use for a short time, Lemminkäinen has already witnessed how easy it is to monitor every stage of a project. Once it is more widely used, in addition to rewarding project managers, the device is expected to increase visibility and improve reporting for management.

The Lemminkäinen project portfolio can also be used for such tasks as budgeting for internal development projects and monitoring outcomes, resource planning, hourly entries and project prioritisation.

The project portfolio also facilitates the description and monitoring of project interdependencies.

“We believe that in the future, with the assistance of Thinking Portfolio, we will be able to better manage the entire internal development project portfolio.” Thinking Portfolio saves the project manager time as previously saved data is always in use and updated as the project progresses and this same data can even be used for reporting without the need for separate documents and stages of work.

“Uniform reporting of all the projects also benefits the steering group’s operations for the project as well as the reporting to management.” In the future, we plan to use Thinking Portfolio as much as possible for reporting to various authorities.

Nina Sode-Carlsen
VP, Business Capability Development
Lemminkäinen Corporation