Lindström is one of Europe’s leading textile service companies with 170 years of experience in the industry. Lindsrtöm offers solutions for the cleanliness and decoration of business premises, work clothes and protection, and, through its subsidiary Comforta, hotel and healthcare textile services. Lindström operates in 24 countries in Europe and Asia.

When Lindström started implementing the Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio, they had their project model in mind. The portfolio was modified to support the project model and Lindström’s corporate strategy. In connection with the implementation, it was noticed that the deployment of the project model still required work. The quality of the data was not what was desired, and the prioritization of projects had not been implemented to the expected extent, says Heidi Rääsiö, Head of IT People and Strategy.

– The launch of our project model had been incomplete. With the introduction of Thinking Portfolio, we noticed the shortcomings in our model and were able to develop these further.

The next development step was the implementation of the second phase of the project model. Among other things, it clarified the model, its various processes, and decision-making policies.

In connection with the project model reform, a new version of the project portfolio was also implemented, which was updated with the help of user feedback received and adapted to support the renewed model.

How I prepare for the gate decision and what to do about it in Thinking Portfolio

Since the reform, processes have been taught both in-classroom and online effectively, and online clinics continue. The steering groups and Lindström’s top management have also participated in the training.

– In the clinics, we dive deeper into topics that can be, for example: “How do I prepare for the gate decision and what needs to be done for it in Thinking Portfolio.” In the future, we will pay even more attention to the quality of data, and we especially strive to communicate this in training and clinics.

– Participants have given positive feedback from the clinics. The clinics have been relaxed events, more conversational than being unilaterally told what needs to be done, Heidi Rääsiö describes the implementation.

The steering groups and top management welcome the increased informativeness

The steering groups require that the information be supplemented in the portfolio if anything required for gate decisions is missing. In this way, the necessary material is always available and reportable.

– The steering groups have, among other things, been happy to receive the Progress Report. It is easy for the steering group to see the added value brought by the tool, e.g., in connection with the confirmation of gate decisions and project monitoring, when things are presented in the same way for all projects.

The top management is positive about the development team’s message about improving processes. Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio creates the reports they need for control in real-time. The management also monitors the implementation of the strategy from the project portfolio. For example, the situation of this year’s must-win projects is painlessly available from there.

I definitely recommend Thinking Portfolio

As a tool, Thinking Portfolio is straightforward compared to many other similar applications. I definitely recommend Thinking Portfolio to others as well, as it will make managing your project portfolio remarkably easy. Also, it expands the view on the number and quality of projects, while still being easy to use. My recommendation is also affirmed by the well-functioning cooperation with Thinking Portfolio, Heidi Rääsiö sums up her personal Thinking Portfolio experience.