Local Tapiola is a Finnish group of companies owned by its customers, which offers life security for personal customers, companies and communities of all sizes, as well as for farms. Life security describes a method to serve customers through a lifetime and its changing scenarios. Local Tapiola invests in security, health and well-being of its customers.

Local Tapiola uses Thinking Portfolio for managing the group’s development portfolio and working time tracking of Local Tapiola Services OY. At first the intention was to design the application’s structure only for managing the development portfolio, but during the specification workshops it was found that Thinking Portfolio would also be suitable for working time tracking and project management and thus the use of the application was expanded. Because of this it was possible to totally abandon the old, more complicated and expensive medium.

Thinking Portfolio saves working hours

During the use we found time saving especially in project managers’ work. One significant improvement was that we could stop using separate documents. The information about development jobs in just one medium is more systematic, reliable and more comparable with each other. Summarising and taking snapshots is smoother and takes only a fraction compared to earlier time.

Local Tapiola thanks the supplier for being solution-oriented

Development manager Jaana Kaskirinne from Local Tapiola is happy with the specification work and implementations of Thinking Portfolio consultants. Although the short implementation project made her wonder at first, the surprises were only positive. She gives special thanks to how smoothly additional features, which were not originally planned, were included in the system and how well the co-operation with the supplier is still progressing.

Local Tapiola started to use Thinking Portfolio with their product information in the testing stage following the specification and thus they immediately received a better picture of the application in their own environment. It was gratifying that the data added during the development work was not lost and everything could be used while implementation took place.

– The supplier is creditably solution-oriented, and they offered great solution options when we told them about our problems.

– We have internally received only positive feedback about the medium and the supplier. We have been able to have small changes made whenever we have seen the need for them during use.

– The service has been super-good, the attitude and service spirit are in a class of their own and the attitude is spot-on. I can recommend the supplier to everybody!

Proffa serves in a user-friendly way

In Local Tapiola Thinking Portfolio is called Proffa.

Users like the fact that Proffa is easy to use and that the instructions are found inside the application when needed. The implementation of the application did not require big training squeeze and new users found that they could make a good start after a small introductory session.

Kuvassa: Pirjo Larm ja Jaana Kaskirinne

Photo: Pirjo Larm (left) ja Jaana Kaskirinne (right)

User experiences, feedback and development ideas are collected in “Proffa Clinics”, which are held regularly and which deal with timely questions relating to the use of Thinking Portfolio.

– We have theme-specific clinics; at first we dealt with things relating to the basic use and from there we have continued with clinics dealing with status reports and reports on decision making.

– However, the clinics have been rather quiet because the users have coped well with Proffa without guidance.

Contact information:

Jaana Kaskirinne
Development Manager
ICT-kehitys, Project Management
LähiTapiola Palvelut Oy

Pirjo Larm
Service Director
ICT-kehitys, Project Management
LähiTapiola Palvelut Oy