Optimizing the Use of Key Resources in a Project Portfolio

A project portfolio management system can help you prepare and achieve your objectives and increase chances of financial profits. With the right management system in place, you can remove a lot of the guesswork and ensure that your executives and management make the right decisions, whether planned or during an emergency. The idea of a project portfolio management is fairly new and there are several businesses who consider it to be confusing or complex. To combat this, many companies have built in-house cloud-based management systems to assist them.

However, to make this system more effective, it is important make optimum use of the key resources involved in managing a project portfolio. In any project portfolio management system or software, the following features play an important role in optimizing resources.

Portfolio management

Proper portfolio management can help you decide what projects to take on and which ones to avoid. They are also effective in tracking the current progress of each active project and can help you efficiently manage multiple resources including assets, employees and budget. Several factors are considered by the management system when analyzing portfolios.

Financial management

Budget is an important resource that should be handled carefully to increase ROI and to reduce risks. Especially for larger businesses, budgeting involves a lot more than simple profit or loss statements. This is why financial management systems or tools can be used to track associated costs for each project. These systems can also project real time assessment and performance indicators whether or not you are using your financial resources in the right manner. Indicators of over spending and over allocation can be programmed into portfolio management software.

Problem management

Error reports as well as change requests are common for all projects and do happen in multiple stages of the portfolio. A management tool with issue management features are beneficial as they help you prioritize and assist you in directing resources accordingly. These features ensure that your resources are being used on the right project at the right time.

Resource management

One of the biggest resources for any business is its employees. Any company that has more than five employees should ideally choose management software that guides them in channeling the right skills into the right project. An employee resource management tool can allow you to deploy your staff and maximize their investment and time on the right projects. Similar software will also help you understand the different projects that require or are consuming more resources than necessary. With this management tool, you can ensure that the skill set and experience of all your employees are being used optimally.

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