Patria is a trusted international provider of technology solutions to defence, security and aviation industries. Patria provides development of fleet availability and constant improvement of performance, as well as intelligence, surveillance and management system products and services for aviation and defence industries.

In addition to Finland, Patria has offices in for example Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Spain.


Thinking Portfolio has brought desired transparency to the portfolio and made the project work lighter

Patria’s IT Project Portfolio Officer Pauliina Mäki-Rajala explains, that her job has changed a lot since the implementation of Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio. The desired transparency has been reached through the portfolio. Previously the number of IT projects in Excel was around 20, and currently the Thinking Portfolio has over one hundred internal development projects. The number has slightly increased due to the D-class, the minor development project which uses the same resources as projects, was included. In the future, the number of projects in the portfolio will continue to increase as different business areas are adopting it for their internal development projects.

– Copy/paste is significantly reduced. We previously had data in Excel and visualized on the wall. Visibility is now reached via the Thinking Portfolio, for example the Schedule-tab provides a concise view of the entire portfolio.

The project management model described in the Thinking Portfolio has been implemented along with the portfolio and instructions are also available in the portfolio. Patria’s IT also thinks it’s a good thing that they’re able to focus on resource planning better than ever. Businesses will see how much IT resources are left and together they can visibly make resource planning for the future.

Thinking Portfolio offers multiple options for viewing the content of portfolio from different perspectives

Feedback from the users has been positive, the Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio is perceived as easy to use and quick to adapt to using it. On the other hand, there is still room for improvement and development in the filtering functionality. The to-do lists for projects have been found to serve the purpose for tracking task entities at the portfolio level, but for high-activity projects a more specific tool is recommended.

Users are delighted to be able to drill down to the situation from different perspectives and select the projects which are of interest to the overall situation. For example, the service managers can look at the situation from the perspective of their own service entity by looking at ongoing or upcoming projects which are changing or otherwise affecting that service. In addition, the content of the portfolio can be viewed in terms of different strategic areas, such as observing how projects associated with different Must-Win battles and how those projects implement the strategy.

In addition to the active projects, the project portfolio of Thinking Portfolio has included ”demand”-projects, which will be moved to production later on. Visibility to the overall situation helps in all kinds of planning.

-The overall status of the projects is well presented, when the status of its projects has been updated. There is still work that needs to be done on this, but Thinking Portfolio was still used to manage the project portfolio right after the implementation, without the need for bigger changes in the processes. In addition, we finally got more visibility into the future, and an up-to-date roadmap for business needs, says Toni Väisänen, Enterprise Architect.

Portfolio is being developed with positive mindset and the benefits are expected to increase even more with use

Next area of improvement in Patria’s project portfolio is the development of reporting, such as prospects and management reporting.

In addition, Patria uses a separate reporting environment, and the goal is to transfer the reporting of project portfolio from management to Thinking Portfolio.

The implementation of the portfolio is gradually proceeding to the different business areas. Making the portfolio processes a routine and on some business areas the portfolio solution still takes some time, but the usage of the portfolio is constantly increasing and we hope that there will be more “orders” as we demonstrate the management benefits from the collected data, says Jarkko Marjasalo, CIO.

People of Patria say that they have a positive overall feel for the Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio, and they see that as the usage expands, there will be even more benefits from it.