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Project Description

By virtue of its network, Terveystalo is Finland’s largest healthcare service provider. Operating nationally, Terveystalo employs over 6,800 healthcare professionals. In 2015, ten per cent of all Finland’s annual visits to the doctor were made to Terveystalo.

Thinking Portfolio chosen to eliminate time-wasting

At Terveystalo, the project managers and other project members play a part in project tasks in addition to handling their own tasks. This is why it is vital to achieve transparency with project resourcing and to get a better understanding as to how much time employees spend conducting project-based work.

Time at work should not be wasted choosing the correct tool and the main criteria should be its ease of use. Indeed, the feedback provided by its users has shown that the correct selection has been made as the application has been heralded as being an intuitive, easy to use, slimline application.

All in all, Thinking Portfolio has responded well to all the challenges Terveystalo set on the application, with resource planning currently being the most frequently used property.

Use of the project portfolio quickly expanded to different types of projects

The specification and implementation work involved in the Terveystalo project portfolio was conducted in the summer of 2016 and it was promptly commissioned in September. During the first stage, three different types of development projects were incorporated in the project portfolio: development of electronic transactions and mobile services, development of new products and service models, and the development of processes. The benefits of the portfolio were quickly realised following commissioning and it has since incorporated renovation and training projects as well as other investment projects.

Different project types are monitored in different ways, but all have the same common resources in use. Thinking Portfolio introduced the expected fluidity in the planning processes for these.

Availability of resources for projects incorporating Thinking Portfolio

Project managers are responsible for ensuring the tool is up to date for their projects. For managers, the most important features of the application are the Thinking Portfolio reporting views that quickly show how their team has been allocated for different projects. Managers also automatically receive a resource report by email once a month. Thinking Portfolio facilitates an overall view of the project portfolio for project proprietors and sponsors, i.e. members of the management team. This assists in project prioritising and strategic planning.

The Terveystalo portfolio currently holds a couple of hundred resources and 40–50 users working as project manager in addition to users performing other roles, such as project proprietors and sponsors. Head of PMO, Niki Kotilainen, says that an astonishing amount of resource planning has already been processed through Thinking Portfolio, including ensuring availability of resources for the project prior to approving implementation. He believes that in time the use of the portfolio will further increase.

Fine-tuning is next for Thinking Portfolio

Kotilainen states that the next task involved in fine-tuning the portfolio is the activation of existing additional features to be used by Terveystalo. These features include such tasks as automatic dispatch of reminders to project managers regarding project update requirements and the sorting of the portfolio view according to roles.

Cooperation between the Thinking Portfolio supplier and Terveystalo has been a great success. Thinking Portfolio employees are quick to react and communication is fluent, which are matters that Kotilainen sees as being very positive in respect to maintenance and further development.

Niki Kotilainen

Niki Kotilainen
Head of PMO
Suomen Terveystalo Oy

Terveystalo projektisalkku

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