Uusi Podcast-sarjasmme Portfolio Management – Back to basics on nyt kokonaisuudessaan julkaistu!

1. osan sisältö:

  • 6 Characteristics of an Effective Project Management Officer
  • Top 5 Skills of a Project Management Officer
  • 7 Key KPIs for Effective Project Portfolio Management
  • 6 Things a Project Sponsor Should Do for a Project Manager
  • Product Life Cycle vs. Service Life Cycle
  • Project Risks vs. Business Risks
  • 7 Critical Steps to Project Crisis Management

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2. osan sisältö:

  • 7 Key KPIs For Effective Risk Management
  • 6 Weak Signals in Your Project’s Environment to Follow Monthly?
  • 6 Top Information Security Risks in Project Management
  • 7 Criteria to Choose Project of the Year
  • 7 Effective Success Bonus for Project Managers
  • Manage Your Customer Portfolio
  • The Absolute Basics of Service Portfolio Management

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Jakso sisältää seuraavat artikkelit:

  • How to Make an Ordinary Project Manager Great
  • How to Make an Ordinary PMO Great
  • Five Ways to Communicate your Project Portfolio Inside your Organization
  • 6 Key Points for Good Portfolio Management Leadership
  • 7 Things that Chief Financial Officer Should Do for a Project Manager
  • 6 Key Performance Indicators to Use to Ensure Success with Your Project Portfolio
  • What secrets project manager should learn from KonMari concept?

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4. osan sisältö:

  • How to define simple success bonus for the project manager and project group
  • Top 6 Benefits of Kanban Board
  • 6 Steps for Implementing Successful Project Communication Culture
  • How to Measure Impact Investment
  • What could Project Managers learn from Traffic Jams
  • Professional Community as Part of a Good Project Culture
  • How Social Data and Crowdfunding Support Innovation Management

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