Today’s ever-changing business environment often presents numerous challenges, while positive signs are few and far between. The project portfolio and its projects are part of this business environment. External and internal changes and improvements are driven to completion according to plans, which can at times take an emotional toll on the employees. By adopting a positive, enthusiastic approach in how we handle the status quo, business environment and active projects can offer a completely different view on matters. Now is the time to harness positivity and open ourselves up to success and good ideas.

Positive project management aspects include, among others, the following items:

  1. Recognise projects that have reached targets that have been set more successfully in the project plans.
  2. Among the projects completed during the previous quarter, nominate the best project and find out from the project team and interest groups what their secret to success is. Share the secret with the entire organisation and celebrate it!
  3. Discuss which decision, brilliant analysis or new aspect created via the project portfolio was the best one during the last month. Discuss this and get inspired to come up with another two analyses or new aspects during the next month.
  4. Task the project managers with identifying and indicating successes they have experienced during their own projects, and encourage them to record the successes in the status report of the subsequent project.
  5. In a group, nominate the most encouraging and positive project manager and acknowledge their impact in the organisation. Remember, anyone can strive to encourage and inspire others.
  6. Choose one project from the portfolio, and think how you could contribute to the successful completion of the project. When it is for a good cause, do it by any means necessary!
  7. Nominate the top chairman of a control group for the current year – a person who others should aspire to be like. Describe how that person has created an exceptionally positive atmosphere through control group work, or how their personal efforts have helped the project manager and the team toward success!
  8. Think honestly about what might be personally hindering your success, and ask for help. Asking someone for help is a true recognition of the peer’s skills and valuable insight – you might get a positive surprise!
  9. Make the decision to kick-start the next project portfolio summary and analysis meeting in positive spirit. Each participant should indicate what opportunities and successes they can perceive in the projects. Discuss the opportunities and topics covered during the meeting. Create the foundations and the atmosphere for success.
  10. Identify top project managers and ask them to coach and mentor other project managers. This enables the recognition of top skill in the organisation and the distribution of know-how through peer-to-peer encouragement. Peer experiences and teachings should always be paid attention to.
  11. Share the list of positive feedback and encouragement methods, and remember to keep the spirits up. Remember to ask the question “What is going well with the project?” You might be in for a positive surprise in terms of the answers you will receive.