Thinking Portfolio® is a practical tool for strategic management. The portfolio management model supports business-driven planning and decision-making based on a firm overall grasp.

The starting points for the development of the concept have been project work and international frameworks for portfolio management such as PRINCE2, PMBOK and SAFe 4.0. An organization implementing Thinking Portfolio is well-equipped for fast decision-making,  agile change management, enhanced business drivenness, and risk management.

Thinking Portfolio® is the tool for making the right decisions. It is a practical tool for strategic management. The portfolio management model supports business-driven planning and decision-making based on a firm overall grasp.

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The management principle

At it simplest, portfolio management is a question of managing and balancing earnings, investments, and risks. Earnings can be, for example, cost savings, a growth in productivity, the acquisition of new custom, or increased net sales. Investments also include the use of time and money; these include project work, training, start-up and maintenance.

Three main types of management portfolios

1. The Development Portfolio contains descriptions of the development proposals, ideas, and scenarios (for exampledevelopment programs) aiming at the organization’s future.

2. The Project Portfolio contains projects and their sub-projects that are planned, underway, or completed.

3. The Asset or Resource Portfolio contains, for example, applications, skills or processes that the organization has obtained for its use through development projects and investments.

The strategic portfolios

Our Products

Project Portfolio

Thinking Portfolio is a strategic project management tool that is made for business people. It is an online service which runs on all modern browsers, including Safari for iPad. It is simple enough to learn without extensive courses or thick manuals and is cost-effective to run.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the strategic management of an organization’s proposed and current projects. Whereas project management answers the questions “are we doing projects right”, portfolio management indicates if we have the right projects. As consultants we saw how most PPM tools were based on project management software and were therefore technically complex and unintuitive. We wanted to create a system that any manager could use without extensive training.

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Application Portfolio

Our solution is built on the same platform as our flagship project portfolio tool. Consequently it is easy to learn, fast to implement, and cost effective to acquire.

Large companies have hundreds of IT applications and services in use. It is very hard for the business management to know which applications are actually beneficial, how many of them are obsolete, and what changes are needed in order to get full business value from the IT systems. Most IT application management tools are aimed at either technical or license management needs. The strategic and business value views are missing. That’s why many of our customers have welcomed our IT Application Management software.

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Service Portfolio

Coming soon

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