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Project Portfolio

Projects have become the main vehicle for pursuing corporate change. Each day, dozens, even hundreds, of internal change projects are running at any large or medium-sized company or public organization. In a tight economy management teams are facing a problem. On one hand they have to be parsimonious in the short term, on the other hand they have to invest in the future. The key question is: which development projects or programs will take the organization in the right direction?

Thinking Portfolio® is the tool for making the right decisions. It is a practical tool for strategic management. The portfolio management model supports business-driven planning and decision-making based on a firm overall grasp.

  • Easy to use

  • No more spreadsheets

  • Easy to use

  • No more spreadsheets

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Why Thinking Portfolio?


“The feedback from users has been genuinely positive and all are extremely satisfied. Special thanks are given to the fact that the same tool offers many different things and that managing overlapping information has disappeared.“

– Nina Tuomikangas, Vaasan Oy

“The top three benefits of Thinking Portfolio so far have been the facilitated hour logging, improved resource management and additional help in project prioritisation.”

– Katja Siekkeli, The mutual pension insurance company Varma

“Thinking Portfolio offers structure to the implementation of strategy, enabling us to visualize measures and to determine, whether we are moving in the right direction and that the selected measures are pursuant to our strategy.”

– Tiina Rinne, Kuntaliitto

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