Project portfolio management can provide quite concrete opportunities for companies. And not just in terms of strategy. Project portfolio management impacts the entire organisation and its ability to top quality service to its clients. This involves particularly the development of the organisational architecture from a business standpoint.

You must develop services that save the client’s time. You must provide services that are easy to utilise and beneficial to the client. Achieving this status requires significant changes that begin with the current status and determining the ideal status. Operating plans must be aligned with the overall architecture of the organisation, and each project in the portfolio must have a concrete connection to a strategic outline or solution.

Act before your competition

Provide better service to your clients by engaging in business-oriented organisational development. This should be an organisation-wide progress where the project portfolio is utilised.

Make sure you act before your competition – otherwise it may be too late!

Avoid the following issues typically related to project and change management

  1. Nearly 70% of all organisations lack experienced project managers specialising in ICT projects.
  2. A key element of a successful project is business-oriented requirement definition
  3. Only an estimated 35% of organisations monitor the successfulness of IT projects
  4. Only around half of all IT projects are carried out on time and on budget
  5. Still almost a third of development work is carried out without a project plan or a specially defined project
  6. In the future, IT project operations will continue to trend towards becoming more networking-oriented
  7. It is not enough to have sporadic success in projects
  8. Over 30% of all projects end without any official completion!
  9. Less than 5% of organisations consistently achieve the projected benefits