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We have come a long way from Excel after we started using Thinking Portfolio

Rakennustieto uses Thinking Portfolio project portfolio for managing and monitoring development projects. The project personnel have happily received the application and the transparency brought by Thinking Portfolio has been a welcome improvement in completion of projects. It is important that all projects are in the same place and the information freely available to everyone. Amongst others this adds awareness of the reasons used to start the projects and what kinds of costs are used to complete them. The project management groups have been grateful for the easy representation option directly from the tool.


Pasi Hulkkonen

Managing director Pasi Hulkkonen and product development manager Jouko Kanerva compare the current situation to the former Excel interface and state with one voice that they have come a long way from those days. They don’t need to be frightened of the nightmare of formulas getting knotted. The “wisdom brought by widgets” is recognised in Thinking Portfolio.

– It is great that not everything was already decided and that we could choose the widgets most suitable for our use and thus build our own tool from the best practices available.

– Unlike with Excel, project information can be shared with others without a worry that the information gets mixed up.

“From an idea to a project” will be the next thing entered into Thinking Portfolio

Thinking Portfolio was implemented in Rakennustieto over a year ago. At the moment the portfolio deals with those development projects which require investment. Large part of the ongoing development projects concentrates in better utilisation of digitalisation opportunities. We have already thought of entering other projects, such as the book publication and book contents production into the portfolio, but so far there are no plans to do so.


Jouko Kanerva

Instead the current development needs of the portfolio focus on entering the resources management into Thinking Portfolio as well as improving the handling of ideas. Integration of the organisation’s project model, completed a couple of months ago, with the application will also be an important next step.

– We are aiming at getting the process which is in accordance with our process model from an idea into a project into Thinking Portfolio.

Nothing went wrong with the supply project

The supply project of Thinking Portfolio went smoothly in Rakennustieto and the supplier still receives thanks for its willingness to serve and for its quick replies for support requests.

– Nothing went wrong with the supply project and every question is answered very quickly.

Personnel in Rakennustieto list getting visual dashboards into the application as one of the future development ideas.

– If one spread could show a summary of the development focus point areas on portfolio level as well as how previous projects were realised, it would add to the information in the tool even more.

Thinking Portfolio has taken the idea of Rakennustieto into its development portfolio as a feature in future versions.

Contact information:

Pasi Hulkkonen
Managing Director

Jouko Kanerva
Product Development Manager