Finland’s Slot Machine Association RAY collects funds through slot machine and casino operations for the benefit of Finnish welfare.

RAY offers entertaining and exciting games in a responsible manner. The profits from games are channelled into social and healthcare organisations’ activities and benefiting Finnish war veterans. The association also aims to secure funding for several important future projects.

Project managers join forces to produce a quality project portfolio

Henrik Niinimäki

Henrik Niinimäki

RAY has been using Thinking Portfolio’s project portfolio application for project monitoring and reporting for a year now. In a very short time, the association has been able to adapt their processes and project management requirements into Thinking Portfolio. The procurement of Thinking Portfolio was aimed at acquiring a logical tool for RAY’s project managers, who would then collaborate in producing a quality, up-to-date project portfolio. Thanks to positive feedback from the project managers, the application’s user group has grown, and continues to grow, within the association. Collaboration with management will help establish the best tools for monitoring the implementation of strategy.

The user-friendly Thinking Portfolio fits RAY’s versatile project operations like a glove

The project operations of Finland’s Slot Machine Association consist of product and business development projects. Therefore, the project portfolio covers RAY’s entire sphere of projects, containing around one hundred on-going projects. Thinking Portfolio facilitates project monitoring, for example by providing the management with a clear overview of active projects.

Thinking Portfolio has enabled RAY to stop using Word forms for project plans and reports. The old forms were replaced by a tool that enables consistent project portfolio management. According to Henrik Niinimäki, the implementation of the system was quick, and the result is a truly user-friendly system.

Thinking Portfolio supports decision-making in various stages of projects while also enabling reporting on the progress of the projects. In order to ensure that the tool will continue to support RAY’s operations, the association will implement more Thinking Portfolio features, including resource planning, hour logging and financial planning.

“The activity level of our portfolio has increased significantly after we stopped using the Word forms.

Although most of our teams utilise flexible methods, that does not eliminate the need for administration and reporting. Thinking Portfolio makes these tasks easy to do.

The supplier’s active and enthusiastic approach to our projects has further reinforced our decision to expand the use of the application,” Niinimäki describes.

He indicates that Thinking Portfolio’s experts were encouraging, coming up with good solutions for RAY’s needs.

Data security inspection resulted in a good score for Thinking Portfolio

RAY considers Thinking Portfolio to be a vital in-house tool, which will continue to be utilised for monitoring the implementation of strategy. This is one of the reasons why the association commissioned a data security inspection. The results were outstanding, which is why RAY will have no issues relying on the tool in the future as well.

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