Savon Voima, otherwise known as the Savonian energy group, concentrates on electricity sales and grid services, electricity and district heating generation, solar power solutions and versatile portfolio management services for the energy sector.

Thinking Portfolio leads the approach for objective development

Managing Director of Savon Voima, Arto Sutinen, together with Development Manager and Chief Information Officer Markku Rissanen, state that development tasks have been enhanced in their organisation and are increasingly objective-focused, whilst management processes have been renewed. Under this premise, the strategic programme “Objective Development Approach” was created. One of the programme’s projects has also included the acquisition of an application tool used to increase development of the portfolio’s visibility and assist management with achieving strategic goals.

Thinking Portfolio has everything you need

Quite a bit of time and energy has been put into researching suitable applications, but as the acquisition project really got underway, a list of requirements was made with the previously documented development activity goals providing the framework. “When invitations to tender were sent out, Savon Voima had a clear understanding of the necessary functionality”, explain Sutinen and Rissanen.

“We knew precisely what we wanted and this made it easy to choose the right application.

As a cloud service, Thinking Portfolio best adhered to our specific demands. The preparation stage for our activities was excellent, so there was no need to customise anything.

At Savon Voima, Thinking Portfolio operates as a development portfolio used to manage the company’s strategic programmes and the project contained within it, as well as various types of research and development projects. The development includes programmes such as: Carbon dioxide-free electricity generating systems, a weather-reliant electricity grid, giving definitive form to client relations , 100% self-sufficiency domesticity and zero accidents.

Markku Rissanen says that Thinking Portfolio has done an excellent job at satisfying their key requirements, which includes objective development being easy to portray in the tool, and shows that data can be quickly updated whilst creating common situation awareness. From the perspective of management, reporting capabilities need to be sufficiently wide-ranging.

“We have been very satisfied with our choice. As yet, we have not come across any necessary features that are lacking from Thinking Portfolio.

Thinking Portfolio provides different outlooks on topics

Arto Sutinen regards the development portfolio application as a way of achieving goals within the organisation and he is satisfied with the strategic level of the project and the programmes visible within Thinking Portfolio.

“I have told management that no other reports need to be made by them, as Thinking Portfolio tells us everything we need to know about the projects.

We have only just started using Thinking Portfolio, so we are still fine-tuning the way we use it. Nevertheless, we have already realised that using the different Thinking Portfolio views we are able to gain different perspectives on issues. We have also conducted a project prioritisation study based on the application views.

Thinking Portfolio is primarily a management and communication tool.”

Rissanen adds that the instructions given by Arto have been easy to follow, with Thinking Portfolio being an exact representation of the logical and sufficiently simple interface sought after during the acquisition stage.

Arto Sutinen
Managing Director
Savon Voima Oy



Markku Rissanen
Development and IT Manager
Savon Voima Oy