ING_19064_06262Managing projects is a second nature to many managers, in spite of not having a proper structure to do it. Every day is hectic with new initiatives, new software being built, tested and launched constantly. All these are projects ultimately depend upon their managers for success. The leaders who have a proper and structured project management office have an undeniable edge and advantage over the others.

Listed below are the ways in which you can make your project management office much better.

 1 – Leadership

A good PMO needs, first and foremost, a good PMO director. He/she must be dedicated and strong. He/She must be given enough time to do complete the project. He/She must be responsible for the development of the project managers and the one who handles all the tools related to the project.

2 – Experience

Just looking for certified employees is not enough. Consider their experience and their track record.

3 – Expert and executive backing

The backing of the executive management team is critical. The funding depends on them and it is what the customers see.

4 – Visibility

The PMO must be bestowed with high visibility in the organization. Everyone must understand its importance and realize that it is to be approached for all project related undertakings. All project information should pass through the PMO, so it project members should be assured and informed that it is fully capable to handle the various responsibilities. In absences of the assurance, it would fail as no one would believe in its chances survival.

5 – There must be defined processes, policies and templates

The policies and protocols of the PMO should be clear and defined. With proper templates in place, your organization will be all set to taste success. You will not be leaving anything to luck. With them the required tools in place, you can record, track your efforts, analyze the result and know what was responsible for it.

6 – The PMO must have the authority to take action

PMO must be given the strength and authority to make any important key decisions and take the necessary actions. The executive management must support its every move. The PMO director must have the last say to make the critical decisions and must be able to communicate it to the project managers. It would insure that the important projects don’t have to wait and can proceed unimpeded.