How to Get Results Fast in an Internal Development Project

Any company, regardless of its niche, has two types of projects that include internal and external development. External development projects are known to cater to customers and clients and are expected to make money, whereas internal projects are known to utilize this revenue to benefit the company. While it may appear that internal projects are not critical or valuable, you should not ignore the potential benefits provided by them. Just like profit-driven external projects, internal [...]

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How to Use Business Development Projects as a Learning Opportunity

Every organization has a business unit that solely caters to business development, a section that creates long-term plans for profitability and growth. Roughly divided into three main objectives, business development projects are executed to fulfill one or more of these purposes. The three pillars of business development projects include increasing customer base and its value, establishing and expanding the business in new markets, and creating lasting and meaningful partnerships with clients, other businesses, or customers. [...]

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