4 IT Portfolio Challenges that Keep CIOs Awake

Chief Information Officers in any organization have a wide range of responsibilities that must be handled expertly and simultaneously. They also have to ensure that sensitive information, databases and other forms of data in any company are kept safe. Frequent surveys reveal that there are a few problems and challenges that continue to plague a CIO. Security Experienced CIOs understand the importance of information security and taking all stops to facilitate better security. Multi-layered defense [...]

Traits and Skills That Make For a Successful CIO

Chief Information Officers or CIOs are important employees in any company and handle a large number of responsibilities. Apart from managing the employees to leading projects and beating deadlines, there are several qualities and skill sets that a CIO is required to possess. Owing to the increasing importance of IT in any business today, the role of a CIO is also more prominent. Here are five of the most important skills, qualities and traits that [...]

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Top IT Risk Management Problems That Should Not Be Ignored

When it comes to risk management in IT companies, CIOs (Chief Information Officers) review several areas like business continuation, disaster recovery, data and security breaches, financial viabilities of strategies etc. However, there are several other important review areas that may seem unimportant but should not be ignored. If you are an IT decision maker at your company, here are some of the areas you should not forget to consider. Poor communication In several cases, operations [...]