Service portfolio provides transparency in services and their improvement

Companies and organizations are currently trying to map the overall status of their services. At the same time, the objective is to increase understanding and communication on which services are part of the core business practices and which ones are not. What levels of investments do services with varying investment-yield ratios require? One of the objectives of a service portfolio is simply to communicate the investment-yield ratio of services in order to lay a foundation [...]

How to be successful in project portfolio management development (Read TOP 8 experiences)

1. Keep it simple! Keep things simple, always try to find the key elements in each development phase and simplify it. The implementation of a typical strategic portfolio management operating model and tools takes around 100 days. Development processes which tend to drag on are unlikely to yield positive results. According to our experience, the complicated way has never worked in practice. 2. Earn the support of the management In the event that management aspires [...]