The Secret to an Improved Enterprise Architecture and Business Culture

Enterprise Architecture (EA)is the most valuable, self-created asset for a company. When defining the business value of a company, the key areas of evaluation are enterprise architecture, most valuable clients, top-grossing products and innovations. Developing the aforementioned items in an active, passionate way is an essential part of the culture of an above-average organisation. Enterprise Architecture Is Created Together with the Clients Organisational culture that fails to adequately respect and appreciate enterprise architecture is doomed [...]

Is your application portfolio ready? – Introducing Bring Your Own Application (BYOA)

In the recent years, there has been a talk of a trend within organizations, where employees are allowed to use their own devices in work. This phenomenon has been coined BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device. The phenomenon has been a divisive one One of the positive factors related to it is user satisfaction, which in turn results in increased productivity at work. However, BYOD has also presented challenges. Data administration has found it difficult [...]

Application Portfolio Management Ensures Efficiency and Transparency in Information Technology Management

Project and programme portfolio principles can also be utilised in the management of organisational applications and information technology services. Every application of the entire organisation, not just those of the IT department, can be grouped into a portfolio just like projects. In this event, all the applications of an organisation are compiled and a set of common comparison criteria are designed for them. The criteria may include definitions as, for example, a service produced by [...]