4 IT Portfolio Challenges that Keep CIOs Awake

Chief Information Officers in any organization have a wide range of responsibilities that must be handled expertly and simultaneously. They also have to ensure that sensitive information, databases and other forms of data in any company are kept safe. Frequent surveys reveal that there are a few problems and challenges that continue to plague a CIO. Security Experienced CIOs understand the importance of information security and taking all stops to facilitate better security. Multi-layered defense [...]

Beating the Euro crisis by scenario strategies

According to the traditional business cycle view, economic booms and busts follow each other in steady, lengthy intervals excepted only by some temporary breaks. In 2007, Alan Greenspan, the former president of the Federal Reserve of the United States, stated, however, that the global economy has entered a new era, characterized by an ever-increasing uncertainty, turbulence and chaos. Uncertainty met by firms Even though Greenspan’s statement has not gone without disputation, it is evident that [...]