6 Secrets of a Good Innovation Process

 An innovation process doesn’t necessarily require you to spend days sitting and brainstorming just to get a ‘big idea’. You can use several secret tools within your organization to make an innovation process intelligent and productive. 1. Link growth strategy to innovation Here’s how you can use innovation more strategically, connect it with your company or organization’s growth strategy. This can be done by integrating processes and teams. For instance, your growth strategy may benefit if [...]

Thinking Out of the Box in Project Portfolio Management

Administrative skills are vital to the success of any project. Organizing tasks, selecting teams, planning the execution, and getting the project underway are the primary functions which help deliver expected outcomes. The project manager, who is usually the driving force behind any project, needs to ensure every step of the project is going as per the schedule and stays within the allocated budget. Any hitch or hold up and the manager will face the heat. [...]

Idea Screening for Project Portfolio Management

Ideation is an essential process to help your organization progress. Known as the act of developing new concepts and ideas, any employee in your organization can submit their products to the company. You can receive input from partners, customers, marketing executives, sales professionals, as well as IT experts and catalogue these ideas into a single database. What makes ideation a profitable step is the screening and approval process that can help your business perform more [...]

Things a Project Manager Can Learn from an Artist

You would think that artists and project managers are at the two ends of the spectrum and do not have much in common, let alone picking up interesting tricks and tips from each other. It's understandable if you think that way as the basic premise of operation of project managers and artists are very different, which may have prompted the notion. While project managers are all about driving results, artists are about the work that [...]

Utilizing PPM for Constant Business Innovation

Leading multinational companies in many sectors have already started using Project Portfolio Management to drive innovation into their business. Even in difficult economic times, the major force behind increasing profitability, stock value, and gaining competitive advantage is product and service innovation. With the correct portfolio mix, a business is able to meet its own goals and objectives as well as those of the customers. It also enables a business to adjust to the various changes [...]

How to Turn Ideas into Viable Business Development Projects

If you are a business leader in your company, you may stumble across several ideas that you believe to have great potential, but only a small portion of these ideas turn into real projects. Many projects fail to materialize because ideas and their executions are not bridged in the right manner. Here is how you can maximize chances of your business idea succeeding. Visualize your goals clearly: Many business ideas are abandoned because their goals [...]

Put your ideas into a portfolio

Many companies are drawn to large brainstorming events, idea campaigns, and open innovation web forums. Some collect ideas as a continuous process. In both cases, the management and post-processing of ideas is a laborious task. Managing ideas as a portfolio makes this task easier and builds a bridge between innovation and implementation. […]