Thinking Portfolio and Apple iPad – Experience the visually superior portfolio management method

Apple iPad has been described as by far the best way of experiencing the internet, e-mail, images and other data management. We definitely agree with this notion, which is why we have decided to enable this experience through project portfolio management as well. Thinking Portfolio has been specifically modified to support the Apple iPad. Users can learn to use the Thinking Portfolio within a matter of minutes, and it is available as a cloud service, [...]

How to get comparable risk estimates

Professor Kalle Kähkönen Tampere University of Technology, Finland: My earlier discussion under the title “Riskiness as a viewpoint for categorizing projects” pointed out the significance of defining and understanding the overall risk level of project, and how this forms a starting point for categorizing projects, which is necessary when comparing and contrasting different project options.  Naturally, this is one of the key tasks of project portfolio management. Credibility of the overall risk estimates is essential, [...]