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Passionate Project Managers Are More Successful

Passion plays a key role in determining whether or not we succeed in our endeavors. If you are passionate about something, go ahead and do it. And if you are not, don’t waste your time on it. That same applies to project managers handling different types of projects across industries. Managing multiple IT projects, one after the there can become monotonous. When nothing else seems encouraging or inspiring, it is passion about the worked we [...]

Are You a Lean Project Manager?

Many managers consider themselves 'lean managers' without knowing the full meaning of the term. Lean management is not some designation you earn in school, like a doctor or lawyer. A lean manager is someone who has embraced continuous improvement, who inspires people to solve their problems and employ sustainable solutions. Ask yourself if you fit this definition? Lean management for the aspiring lean manager Lean management is a holistic approach to working that supports continuous [...]

Top 6 Ideas for LEAN Project Management Model

Projects can turn into disasters even in the best of organizations. This can happen due to a wide variety of reasons that range from incomplete documentation to variation in the processes being carried out. Whatever the causes maybe, the end result is always the same; Employees get stressed and organizations lose a ton of money. Strangely enough, most projects do not begin this way, but changes tend to occur over a period of time. The [...]

How to be LEAN with Project Management Office

Lean management means elimination of waste or Muda in the production process. Naturally, only value adding steps are retained. A more modern definition of lean management is, 'LEAN it is a system for the organization and management of all parts of a business through the creation of principles, tools and practices for the development of goods and services that have a higher quality and lesser defects.' The basic principles of lean management were developed by [...]