LEAN Project Management vs. Agile Project Management

Project management is an area that many companies struggle with even today. You may have a good product or service to offer, but if it is not managed well at every step, it can lead to disastrous and often disappointing results for the company. Poor management leads to wastage of time, resources and decreases the value of your offering for the customer. Your ability to make timely decisions can also hugely impact various projects being [...]

Six Sigma vs. Lean Management 

Efficiency is no more something that a company or organization strives towards. It is now accepted as a part of how a business process is created to run. Achieving better and higher levels of efficiency is what every business is now looking at. Every process, including production and manufacturing will have a certain level of inherent redundancy. While not readily apparent, they will always be in the system. Identifying these spillovers and redundancies is what [...]

Top 6 Ideas for LEAN Project Management Model

Projects can turn into disasters even in the best of organizations. This can happen due to a wide variety of reasons that range from incomplete documentation to variation in the processes being carried out. Whatever the causes maybe, the end result is always the same; Employees get stressed and organizations lose a ton of money. Strangely enough, most projects do not begin this way, but changes tend to occur over a period of time. The [...]

How to be LEAN with Project Management Office

Lean management means elimination of waste or Muda in the production process. Naturally, only value adding steps are retained. A more modern definition of lean management is, 'LEAN it is a system for the organization and management of all parts of a business through the creation of principles, tools and practices for the development of goods and services that have a higher quality and lesser defects.' The basic principles of lean management were developed by [...]