What Could a Project Manager Learn from Children

From the title of the article, you might be wondering ‘What lessons could children possibly offer project managers?’ Actually, children's behavior can teach project managers quite a few things. These lessons can help the manager do his/her job more efficiently. Have you ever noticed the way children behave and interact with others on a day-to-day basis? Next time, whenever you get an opportunity to make an observation, pay close attention and you might end up [...]

What Could a Project Manager Learn From Children?

This might be the oddest topic you’ve ever come across, right? What can project managers and children really have in common? Well, at first glance, there’s obviously nothing in common. However, a deeper look can actually teach you a few lessons. In fact, if you observe how parents deal with children, you can actually come across some golden strategies that can also be applied in the area of project management. Here are a few ideas [...]

How to Use Business Development Projects as a Learning Opportunity

Every organization has a business unit that solely caters to business development, a section that creates long-term plans for profitability and growth. Roughly divided into three main objectives, business development projects are executed to fulfill one or more of these purposes. The three pillars of business development projects include increasing customer base and its value, establishing and expanding the business in new markets, and creating lasting and meaningful partnerships with clients, other businesses, or customers. [...]