Thinking Portfolio makes prioritisation easier and more transparent for the Municipality of Westland

To help residents and entrepreneurs as efficiently and quickly as possible and in the most customer-friendly way, the service processes of the municipality of Westland are being digitised to the extent possible. Complexity of the ICT infrastructure and interdependency of systems require a coherent, well-prioritised, project-based approach. The 'Thinking Portfolio' project portfolio software has given the Municipality of Westland a means of keeping an overview of all changes, allowing it to work in a more structured and project-based manner. Clusters and teams have an overview of all wishes, current programmes and projects and the resulting obligations and resource load.

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Thinking Portfolio helps Erasmus University to direct digitisation through Portfolio Management

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) invests long-term in the improvement and renewal of education, research and business operations, both at faculty level and for the institution as a whole. These change initiatives are often implemented through projects and programmes. The scope, coherence and complexity of the changes are increasing and controlling and managing the changes is becoming increasingly risky. Making the right choices is key for proper implementation of the EUR strategy. This requires overview and insight. Possible interdependencies must be transparent and it is important to know what capacity utilisation of people and resources is required with respect to all initiatives.

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Through Thinking Portfolio the central IT-organisation of the UMC Utrecht has a better grip on projects and ideas

Every year the central IT organisation of the UMC Utrecht carries out many projects that help improve care and business operations. The ‘Thinking Portfolio’ project portfolio management software provides the UMC Utrecht with a complete overview of these projects. Manual reports have been replaced by standardised reports. These provide a concise and unambiguous insight into the status and progress of all projects, allowing the organisation to work more efficiently and achieve more in less time. Information managers record ideas for new projects in a separate module and assess these ideas for risk, value and impact on the organisation at an early stage. This helps the organisation to make the right choices for projects, better planning and control.

Thinking Portfolio offers the Province of North Holland support from idea phase to project completion

All projects with an information/ICT aspect carried out within the province of North Holland are part of the i-Portfolio. This i-Portfolio was recorded and maintained using multiple spreadsheets and various reports. Within the CIO office the need arose for supporting project portfolio management software. Thinking Portfolio was chosen following a thorough selection process.

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Thinking Portfolio helps Vlaardingen improve its digital service

Vlaardingen is rapidly digitising its services to citizens and entrepreneurs and wants to set priorities and make targeted choices in line with its strategic objectives. To compare the ideas and projects, to make the interdependencies transparent and to plan the deployment of people, all data is stored in a central system. In combination with the set-up of a governance model and the organisation of processes, Vlaardingen will get a better grip on the costs and scheduled implementation of the digitisation projects.

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