Focusing on the portfolio: How to bring development portfolio to the Senior Management agenda đź—ş

What are the first steps Project Office, PMO, or the owner of a portfolio has to take to deliver portfolio information into the agenda of the Management Group? How to bring the portfolio to the core of strategic discussion and make each member of the Management Group interested in it? What triggers the Senior Management to focus on the Portfolio?

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6 Weak-signals in Your Project’s Environment to Follow Monthly?

Have you ever wondered what separates the good from the great when it comes to project managers? Simply put, the way a project manager handles problems when they inevitably rear their ugly heads is what separates the so-so from the great project managers. Have a look at these six weak-signals in your project's environment.

6 Characteristics of an Effective Project Management Officer

Project management officers are vital to any business as they can take important decisions that lead to great ideas. While good PMOs are hard to find, great ones are even rarer. However, all good PMOs share certain traits and characteristics that make them an effective and valuable part of the team. Here are six of the best traits you should cultivate to become an effective and profitable project management officer in your organization.

Savon Voima uses Thinking Portfolio as its management and communication tool

At Savon Voima, Thinking Portfolio operates as a development portfolio used to manage the company’s strategic programmes and the project contained within it, as well as various types of research and development projects. The development includes programmes such as: Carbon dioxide-free electricity generating systems, a weather-reliant electricity grid, giving definitive form to client relations , 100% self-sufficiency domesticity and zero accidents.

Kemira visualises project and resource planning using the Thinking Portfolio project portfolio

With the establishing of the new project template, Kemira’s IT and Operational Excellence Department made the joint decision that it was time to commission a tool to manage the project portfolio that would replace the Excel files and separate resource management application previously used.

Lemminkäinen forms the foundations of its project using Thinking Portfolio

The implementation of Lemminkäinen’s Thinking Portfolio was conducted at the end of the year when the application was used for monitoring and prioritising internal development projects for business operations and support functions. The previous version of the application was in use earlier on, but back then there was no great need for a project portfolio that continued to be in active use.

Finnair opens up its route to Thinking Portfolio’s Project Portfolio

Finnair is an airline network specialised in flying between Europe and Asia along the shorter northern route. Finnair uses Thinking Portfolio’s Project Portfolio, which currently manages its IT projects. There are plans for Thinking Portfolio to become the go-to project management application for all types of projects including procurement, commercial investigation and projects to open new flight routes. The intention of the ongoing Roadshow is to communicate information about the potential of the application for future [...]

Digitalization as a Part of Good Portfolio Management

Managing a large number of proposed and existing projects is no easy task, but it is certainly easier in the digital era. Effective project portfolio management can make all the difference between success and failure while it could also mean better ROI for your organization. Reports say that organizations that have an efficient portfolio management system had 62 percent of their products either meet or outdo the ROI expectations as of 2012. Digitalization can be [...]

How to Implement Six Sigma in Project Management

Failure in project management is often due to weakness in business process implementation and decision making, as opposed to the efforts and executions themselves. Six Sigma is an effective business management principle that can help enhance process outputs by correcting flaws that hamper progress. Let's take a look at how the five important steps in Six Sigma can be implemented in project management. The five six sigma principles that we are looking at today are [...]

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6 Things a Project Sponsor Should Do For a Project Manager

Project managers and sponsors work hand in hand on projects. Project managers do not get to choose the sponsor that they want to work with. Typically, a sponsor is already in place, before a project is assigned to a manager. If your sponsor does not understand the roles that he/she need to fulfill, then you should be be bringing up the same with them, else you may be held responsible in case the project falls [...]

The Best 6 Project Management Secrets You Need to Know

While there have been many and many books written on the subject of project management, there is no sure-fire procedure or equation to get it right. Of course, that also explains why there are so many books on it. Well, we'll cut to the chase and lay out six project management principles that you can use. Research A project manager should have a fair understanding of the industry or niche of the project, so they [...]

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