Portfolio Management – Back to Basics

We've published an updated edition of our popular Portfolio Management e-book  with over 20 how-to articles on how to succeed in PPM! Here are examples of the topics: 6 Characteristics of an Effective Project Management Officer Top 5 Skills of a Project Management Officer 7 Key KPIs for Effective Project Portfolio Management 6 Things a Project Sponsor Should Do For a Project Manager Product Life Cycle vs. Service Life Cycle Project Risks vs. Business [...]

Digitalization as a Part of Good Portfolio Management part 2

In an era where nearly everything is gradually becoming digitalized, why should portfolio management be left behind, right? In fact, digitalization actually makes the management of a huge number of existing and proposed projects much easier. Digitalization is essentially the process through which information gets converted into easy-to-use digital formats. This collective information is then organized into independent data units called ‘bits’ which can be addressed separately. How digitalization can help in good portfolio management [...]

Benefits of Big Data in Project Portfolio Management

The term Big Data is a relatively new connotation that denotes an enormous volume of the complex data set and is used by thousands of organizations world over with the aim of extracting information to re-invent their business strategies. Apart from its utility in large customer-centric organizations such as the airline industry, the big data also finds an extensive use in project portfolio management. Big data helps enhance the efficiency of project portfolio management Often, [...]