Introducing market observations and future trends into portfolios

Individual projects in a portfolio may have significant impacts on risk absorption capacity, financial success and development. However, project management often fails to view individual projects from an overall perspective. From the perspective of overall organisational management, however, observing changes in the operating environment and economic cycles are key to risk and opportunity management. Among our clients, there is a clear trend of incorporating future indicators into investment and development projects. It is becoming increasingly [...]

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What Every Chief Officer need to know about Project Portfolio Management

According to the Project Management Institute, an increasing number of organizations are reporting added value with the appointment of a chief project officer. The chief project officer is someone who owns the responsibility of governing the internal projects of an organization. Some of the specific duties of such as officer include: Ensuring each project is supportive of business goals Driving linkages and efficiencies between projects Connecting every project to business strategy Making sure that each [...]

BRT Helsinki 15.9.2017 – Case Tamro: Towards proactive Portfolio Management

Do your projects run late from original schedule? Sounds pretty familiar? Tamro chose Thinking Portfolio’s platform for a technical solution. Software has provided benefits we expected and we are already monitoring Portfolio for next 6-8 months onwards and solving issues before they become problems.

Positive Project Portfolio Management

Today's ever-changing business environment often presents numerous challenges, while positive signs are few and far between. The project portfolio and its projects are part of this business environment. External and internal changes and improvements are driven to completion according to plans, which can at times take an emotional toll on the employees. By adopting a positive, enthusiastic approach in how we handle the status quo, business environment and active projects can offer a completely different [...]

Digitalization as a Part of Good Portfolio Management part 2

In an era where nearly everything is gradually becoming digitalized, why should portfolio management be left behind, right? In fact, digitalization actually makes the management of a huge number of existing and proposed projects much easier. Digitalization is essentially the process through which information gets converted into easy-to-use digital formats. This collective information is then organized into independent data units called ‘bits’ which can be addressed separately. How digitalization can help in good portfolio management [...]

Benefits of Big Data in Project Portfolio Management

The term Big Data is a relatively new connotation that denotes an enormous volume of the complex data set and is used by thousands of organizations world over with the aim of extracting information to re-invent their business strategies. Apart from its utility in large customer-centric organizations such as the airline industry, the big data also finds an extensive use in project portfolio management. Big data helps enhance the efficiency of project portfolio management Often, [...]

What Could a Project Manager Learn From Children?

This might be the oddest topic you’ve ever come across, right? What can project managers and children really have in common? Well, at first glance, there’s obviously nothing in common. However, a deeper look can actually teach you a few lessons. In fact, if you observe how parents deal with children, you can actually come across some golden strategies that can also be applied in the area of project management. Here are a few ideas [...]

Thinking Portfolio new and easy project Time card view

Thinking Portfolio’s new Time card allows viewing your personal hour reporting by monthly very easy and quickly. If you are reporting your working hours to Thinking Portfolio, you can view your monthly hours just by pressing the Time card button in the Timesheet view (please see the picture below). You can save your project Time card to an Excel or a PDF file by using the buttons at the top-right corner and send your Time [...]

Project Portfolio – Are you looking at the competition through the windshield or the rear view mirror?

Project portfolio management can provide quite concrete opportunities for companies. And not just in terms of strategy. Project portfolio management impacts the entire organisation and its ability to top quality service to its clients. This involves particularly the development of the organisational architecture from a business standpoint. You must develop services that save the client's time. You must provide services that are easy to utilise and beneficial to the client. Achieving this status requires significant [...]

We’re looking for Thinking Portfolio Business Partners for Switzerland

Thinking Portfolio Switzerland - Business Partners We´re looking for Thinking Portfolio Business Partners to be sales representatives for Switzerland. Tell us about you and your company interest in representing Thinking Portfolio in Switzerland. Intuitive and easy to use Thinking Portfolio Software as a Service includes portfolios such as Project, Idea, Application and Service Portfolio. Click here to to indicate your interest and tell a about your company and credentials. We’ll contact you.

Idea Screening for Project Portfolio Management

Ideation is an essential process to help your organization progress. Known as the act of developing new concepts and ideas, any employee in your organization can submit their products to the company. You can receive input from partners, customers, marketing executives, sales professionals, as well as IT experts and catalogue these ideas into a single database. What makes ideation a profitable step is the screening and approval process that can help your business perform more [...]

Key Benefits of Choosing Service Portfolio Management

Service Portfolio Management is the latest buzz in the IT industry. It is being looked upon as a strategic planning and executing tool that ensures that the IT strategies are in alignment with the business strategies. Service portfolio management regularly scrutinizes and reviews Information and Communications Technology or ICT services of a company to make sure that they are adding value to the projects at hand and the ones that are being planned. In simple [...]

Are You a Lean Project Manager?

Many managers consider themselves 'lean managers' without knowing the full meaning of the term. Lean management is not some designation you earn in school, like a doctor or lawyer. A lean manager is someone who has embraced continuous improvement, who inspires people to solve their problems and employ sustainable solutions. Ask yourself if you fit this definition? Lean management for the aspiring lean manager Lean management is a holistic approach to working that supports continuous [...]

Six Ways to Re-engineer Your Project Management Office

The beginning of a project management office is driven by the desire to standardize as well as improve the success rate of IT projects and businesses, which continue to expand in size and complexity. Another project management office driver is the requirement to relieve the project managers of administrative duties that are associated with the successful management of projects. Functions of project office could either be staffed or virtual. A number of forward-thinking companies are [...]