The life-cycle of a project became clearer at Trafi with Thinking Portfolio

Trafi develops the safety of the traffic system, promotes the environmental friendliness of traffic and is responsible for the official tasks relating to the traffic system. ( All projects are in the portfolio Since the beginning of 2016 Thinking Portfolio has been the tool for all project management at Trafi. The contents of Trafi's project include the development of customer services as well as the development of ICT and other independent initiative projects. After the [...]

Thinking Portfolio project portfolio makes environmental development projects easier in HSY (Helsinki Region Environmental Services)

  Helsinki Region Environmental Services, HSY, is a municipal federation which provides services in water supply and waste disposal as well as information on the metropolitan area and environment. HSY helps residents to act better on behalf of the environment. Small projects follow large projects HSY development projects are managed in the Thinking Portfolio project portfolio. The subjects and budgets of projects vary a lot and they are made in several lines of business and [...]

5 Problems with Scrum You Need to Avoid

We’ve often heard that adopting a scrum model can be beneficial for software projects which have pressing demands or see quick changes. Here is how a scrum method typically works: A team sits down for a short planning session to decide what needs to be worked on in the forthcoming iteration. The team members then work for several weeks and develop a “potential shippable release”. Now here are 5 key problems with Scrum which you [...]